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I'm the legend : Mars Trip 2020 Part-1

I was part of the contingent which had around 1000 people from various works of life who were selected to be a part of the Mars 2020 mission. We left earth on 9th of March 2020 and were scheduled to reach Mars around the new year's time in the year 2021. We were Provided with some unique spaceships which carried 1-10 people in them and were capable of handling all of our needs.

During the start of the journey, everything was going fine but as we kept moving on this journey our ships started developing technical snags. During our journey, we witnessed some horrific incidents. Some spaceships which were carrying our fellow passengers to mars developed some serious technical difficulty and from the images that we got from the inside of those spaceship made everyone here panic. Everyone inside those spaceship died of some unknown reason which couldn't be figured out.

This was just the starting phase. Humans have never sent so many people to any planet or astronomical body before neither they have sent so many spaceships together. Since there were around 100 spaceships which were sent at the same time hence the attention which should have been given to each spaceship was very less and which "may" have led to the tragedy.

Mars Trip 2020
Image from Wikimedia commons

In this period of around 300 days we saw many spaceships collapsing in space and in many spaceships nobody was left to answer the queries. These spaceships which carried dead people got totally burnt as they entered the atmosphere of the mars as they were no human present to control the working of these spaceships.

Three among the fleet of 100 spaceships was successful in landing on Mars. I feel "they" may have already known the probability of reaching mars and that's why they sent so many spaceships. There is a part of me which says I shouldn't believe that "they" may have purposefully sent us in a suicide mission.

All of us took a rigorous training of one year before being a part of this trip. Most of the passengers were well acquainted with each other and many have developed good friendships. In those spaceships which couldn't make the Mars surface were people who spent the last year working with me in those tiring conditions, never to know that they won't even stay alive to put their feet on the surface of the Mars. Some of them were my friend with whom I used to share some light jokes. There were few with whom I used take my lunch and dinners and they were many whom I used recognize by face and may have shared a smile while we have passed each other during the training. I knew those people and they are all dead now.

It was 3rd January 2021 that we landed on the surface of the Mars. Though we were still sad that we lost so many of our fellows who joined us in this mission but at the same time they was some happiness inside that we have finally managed to land on mars and accomplish our biggest challenge.

As we were thinking that we accomplished our biggest challenge suddenly we were faced with even bigger challenge. among the fleet which couldn't make it to the Mars were engineers and astronauts who were specialized in the process of setting up the living space in Mars.

Mars Mission 2020
Image from Wikimedia commons
Though all of us had the knowledge of setting up the equipment for our stay but we were very nervous. We were not sure how we will mange it but we started doing our job. We had some instrument and kits which just with a push of the button expanded themselves and we had nothing much to do, the main problem was arranging those equipment and instruments and creating a space were we could start living. The problem was also there in the setup of the electronic machines so that they start giving us feedback and data. 

It took us around 25 days to complete the whole work and we developed a huge space were we could start living. The place is big enough to accommodate 1000 people. Though we don't have these many people right now but we were advised not to change our plans for setting up the space as we were trained only in that and any change in plan could be disastrous for the people who survived. 

We are around 23 people who have survived and we have some how managed to set up the whole space of us to live. We actually got a lot of help from the engineers from the base station in Earth. Who were constantly in touch with us through the satellite communication. Somehow we have managed to start our life here with many casualties and with lot of jitters. We hope for better days to come.

# (This is the end of part one of the story, if you liked it then do give your feedback and wait for the next part which I promise would be thrilling than this one)

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  1. Great attempt. I find Science fiction interesting :)
    This will be reality soon.

    1. Thank you. :) Hope in reality it doesn't end up taking these many lives.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks. Glad you like it. :) I would be coming out with second part soon. :)

  3. slow start up .. hope it will get momentum in next part.. wud like to read more and plzzz remove the word verification system

    1. Thanks for your feedback. :) Verification helps to filter useless comments & spams.

  4. Nice read! I am waiting for the next part now. Indispire seems great!

    1. Thank you. I would be posting it soon. Not getting anything from Indibloggers for this work, I think comments will suffice for now :) :D


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