Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Indiblogger Meet #BergerXP

The festival of bloggers returned to Delhi this saturday, 25th Feb. 2017. It was more than a year that Indiblogger arranged any meet in the town. So, when I got to know that this meet is going to happen, I just thought I would have to attend it anyhow. 

I reached the venue and saw some familiar IndiTeam faces and said yes I back where I belonged. It has been a hectic last 3-4 months for me in the work front as you would know demonetization has hit the bankers the hardest.

I have attended many meets but I felt Express Painting was one of the most entertaining meets conducted by Indiblogger. The main reason for this would be that they involved every single person in the room in the activities and the activities itself were very interesting.

After registering yourself, there was lunch for everyone. Then, we had to go to the siting area where the first activity of the day was going to happen. The first activity itself was really interesting. everyone was given chits with description of other blogs and bloggers and people would have to identify the person with the description or the blog. It was a good ice-breaking session as people started interacting a lot. 

One of best part of these meets are that you got to know people who are like you, who have struggles like you and who like to scribble like you. where else you would find a lot have same kind of interests, a hall filled with people who love writing, sharing and travelling.

After this activity there was a very interesting speech by Mr. Das from Berger paints. He was very knowledgeable about every aspect of the work which his company does. He was also interacting with the audiences a lot. One thing which is very good about the Delhi bloggers is that they are always listening and when given a chance to ask questions they never stop. So the Q&A session became very informative.

Some interesting facts that I learned from the session

1. Berger is working towards skill India and imparting training to people to become trained painters.
2. It is being about a change in the profession of the painter and making this a respectable job.
3.The process of painting is becoming more technical and advanced thanks to Berger which is using some great equipments
4. Berger is reducing the time to paint to about 40% of the time which it used to took earlier.
5. All this things at the same price which you used to give to your neighborhood painter but you will get a really high worth of product and result.

After this informative session we were divided into teams. The first activity that the teams have to play was about scrubbing. All the teams were given a board which they had to scrub and make it clean enough for painting. This activity was planned in such a way to give bloggers some insight about the work the painters do.

I was the part of team number 1 and we were totally up for the challenge. I think all of us got along very well from the word go so it was amazing working with the team. You can see the picture below of Team 1 standing with their finished work.

The next activity was about painting and we were given the topic to depict Delhi. We discussed in the tea break what we can do and then we started off in a journey. I feel all of us have put our heart out in the activity. The best part of this activity was that all of us were really enjoying it. We were actually a happy team which was enjoying the work rather than thinking about what will be the result.

After the activity we were told to explain the work which we have done, I felt the most confident at that moment to explain our master piece so I took the stage and I feel I did a good job ;-)

It is said if you enjoy doing something it is bound to give some good results and we came second in the teams event. The winner was declared counting the points of both the activities.

I feel if you are gaining something you are a winner as in indimeets you always win some great friends and enjoy some amazing moments. Hence, everyone comes out as a  winner.

Monday, December 12, 2016

I do not love you except because I love you

I do not love you except because I love you; 
I go from loving to not loving you, 
From waiting to not waiting for you 
My heart moves from cold to fire. 

I love you only because it's you the one I love; 
I hate you deeply, and hating you 
Bend to you, and the measure of my changing love for you 
Is that I do not see you but love you blindly. 

Maybe January light will consume 
My heart with its cruel 
Ray, stealing my key to true calm. 

In this part of the story I am the one who 
Dies, the only one, and I will die of love because I love you, 
Because I love you, Love, in fire and blood

By Pablo neruda

I read this poem and couldn't find any other word to express it but to replicate it. This lines have so perfectly depicted the love hate relationship. It would have taken such deep understanding to write these lines. Such great impact and such a pure soul this poem has.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Life as we know it

When I was young, I used to think what will happen to all of us after these many years, how will the life turn out to be and various other questions. Life as people say is unpredictable but still people like predicting, may be that's fun. Sometimes you are right and sometimes you are wrong.

There used to be a question which every teacher, relative and family friends used to ask me... what will you like to be when you grow up ?

I used to have few different answers. Depending on the people and mood I am in, I used to give the answers. I think cricketer and astronomer were the two prominent choices. These two choices even have their backgrounds. The main thing was that I used to feel that we can be anything and that is the child like quality which I think we must possess.

I used to feel, if I will put my mind on some work then I will.definitely succeed. Further, my mother is a really inspiring woman who has been a fighter in her life. She used to tell me one thing always that if people can do it then you can do it. It can be done and you can do it.

After some years while I was still growing up, the people around me changed. I think the world is like that only. People became judgemental. Everything that you will say was measured with what you are doing. The end result is you become circumspect. You grow up and you stop sharing what is in your heart. You start talking as the world talks and do as the world do.

In that part of my growing up journey, I feel I was completely lost. I was hardly aware where I was going. In life change is inevitable. I was waiting for a change to come to my life.

There were many changes that came to my life. It swept me off my feet, blew me everywhere and I hardly had any idea where it was taking me. The only think was I that I was travelling and travelling really fast. I covered lots of places in this phase of my life. Lots of learning that happened in this place.

Still the peace eluded me. Till the day I finally found the answer for the question which I was asked in my childhood...what will you like to be when you grow up ?

I wanted to be happy. I wanted to be at peace. I decided that from this day onwards I will try to remove every negative thing from my life, everything that doesn't help me grow and everything that makes me sad. I decided from this day nobody will be in a position to put me down, to make me feel bad, to stop me from growing and who will not let me be happy and peaceful. I decided that I will follow it whosoever had it may be but I will never let myself reach the situations and places which I have left behind.

The good thing is I have seen life...the good, the bad and the times which people don't want even their enemies to see. I understand life and could tell where things will go. With this I come to full circle in my life where in childhood I used to wonder why people predict but it is hardly predicting. It is kind of a wisdom that tells you a probable outcome of the situations.

Now I feel I am ready for more journeys in my life.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

As the boy sleep

The sunlight was entering the room through a small window. The boy who was sleeping in his bed turned his face around so that the light doesn't disturb his sleep. He was really tired after an eventful week with his friends and family. He wished he could just sleep some more time...

He turned around and this time the sunlight was brighter. He could understand that the day has long begun and he would be late if he doesn't wake up now...

He woke up with a headache, the reason for which he could hardly remember. He stood up and saw empty liquor bottles lying in front of the mirror. He went there to put them aside. He stood infront of the mirror to see himself... just to find a grown up man staring back at him from the mirror.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Journey to my favorite destination

We all have the favorite place where we all want to travel again and again. The place which enriches us. the place which feels new every single time, we visit it.
For me Haridwar is that place.

Travelling to Haridwar is itself a wonderful experience. I like travelling by road as it is not that far from Delhi and the whole journey from Delhi to haridwar is a scenic one which every traveler must experience.

There are buses available but I prefer booking a cab for the travel. It provides better flexibility and comfort while travelling. You can stop at any Dhaba you like and you can take a detour when the roads are filled with traffic.

The journey starts from Delhi and then it has two parts. Travelling in Uttar pradesha and then travelling in Uttarakhand. When you enter Uttarakhand the whole atmosphere changes. The air quality improves a lot. For a person living in Delhi this is a luxury.

Our journey started early in the morning and we tried to cover as much distance as we can during the morning hours as there is less traffic available. We tried to cross Meerut in the first few hours so that we could avoid the traffic. After that we stopped at a food joint for some refreshment.

Some towns you would pass are Meerut, Muzaffarnagar and Roorkee. They have there own flavours and you can stop for sometime to eat in the local dhabas to have the best foods they offer.I took the last journey with my family and stopped at every single city.

When we reached Muzaffarnagar, we stopped at the subway restaurant for some food and water. This resturant falls on the road itself and is visited by the tourists only who are travelling from one place to another. We saw many families like us who were also in their weekend trip. If you want you can also take Domestic Airlines to reach your destination.

In our last journey when we reached haridwar, it was already late hence we quickly reached Mansa devi mandir which we always visit when we go to haridwar. The ropeway is a wonderful experience which we all must try. We always  use the ropeway and the last journey was no different. Ropeway gives a 360 degree view of the town. You can see the far off mountains and the beautiful river ganga flowing freely.

After reaching the top of the mountain where the Mansa devi mandir is situated we had to wait for some time as there was a long queue. Then after half an hour we visited the Divine temple of Mata Mansa devi. It always gives you a peaceful and calm experience.

After visiting Mansa devi, we went to the nearby Ghat, where we enjoyed the sunset. The river is deep there and hence chains are put in. We must hold the chains when we are taking a dip. I always take a dip in that holy water. 

After that we visited the nearby market and did some shopping. We bought some show pieces as well. Then we went to a restaurant for having a heavy dinner. After the dinner it was our time to head back and boarded our four wheeler. There are many Airlines available also if you want to take flights to reach home.

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