Thursday, April 3, 2014

10 questions I hate being asked

I don't give much value to the things I don't like. I never hated something in my life but yes during my childhood I disliked being asked these questions repeatedly.

1. What's your name ?

2. What's you father's name ?

3. What is the meaning of your name ?

4. Where do you live ?

5. Which school do you study ?

6. Which class you are studying ?

7. What is your favorite subject ?

8. Who is your best friend ?

9. Whom do you like more, mother or father ?

10. Which sport do you like ?

That's not all. If you answer them then there is the "why" question which starts and they will keep poking you till you stop answering.

Then they have a big grin on their face like they have won a war and proudly tell your parents. That's fine, he's just a child. He may not know this much.

Stop torturing the kids every time you meet them.


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  1. oh gosh Gaurab, I just wrote on similar questions yesterday.
    Well nice post :) a different one !

  2. Thats a great post Gaurab. I agree. Why not leave the kids be?

  3. Yup...the 9th one used to be very irksome to me.. I survived it :) may other kids too.. nice post.

  4. I agree with you, we should just let the kids be !

  5. it is compulsory to ask these questions to prepare child for facing difficult question of life.

  6. Seems you dont ask these questions from anybody! is it??? :P

  7. why do you not like these questions? :P haha jk. i just had to ask after you said why. I should say I do ask a lot of questions but definitely get irritated with things like these esp when people ask whom do you like the most etc etc :P

  8. As a child, when grown ups asked, "who are your parents?" I always got scared because a report was about to be made!

  9. So true, people won't let anyone be. Be it kids or elders!

  10. Total agreement from here. No one likes these boring, rote questions much anymore, at any age. You don't really even learn much about the person do ya! And for commentary, they make a dull-to-do interview and a boring, "don't want to read" article. Especially as a kid, but adults too ... probably want to say "It's none of your business!" or "Go away and leave me alone!"
    Fun post.

  11. The one I was constantly asked, 'Is it your real name or pet name?'

  12. Great post, Gaurab. During childhood, I hated all questions. I liked to ask them not the other way round. :P

  13. Lol!! The "What's the meaning of your name" part has been shot at me way too many times! :D What's more, I used to get into a bad mood trying to explain them that it means *good* omen lol.
    Made me nostalgic :P


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