Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Connecting with mother nature

The influence -

During my childhood and even now, my mother plays a very pivotal role in my life and with confidence I can say that whoever and whatever I have become today is because of her hard work, dedication and her teachings. My mother nurtured me like mother nature nurture the trees and plants. Her teachings shaped up my life and my thought process the same way the nature through the water, sunlight and minerals shape the giant trees.

The teachings - 

My mother believe that practice is the only way with which we can develop good habits hence she would always make me do the stuffs which she thought would shape my personality. She would make me do my work religiously. From studies to games, she always pushed me to give my best and become better in it. In this period of growth she also used to take me to our garden and used to teach me about the flowers and the plants.

First contact with nature -

When my mother took me to our garden for the first time, I was really delighted to see all the flowers around. There was one flower which I really liked. It looked so beautiful and felt like paper so I asked my mother, which flower is this mom ?
She replied, it is bougainvillea. I was very young that time and could pronounce it so, I asked her again, which flower is this mom ? but this time she didn't replied anything.

The next day she brought me a book which contained the pictures of flowers and their name. The third page had this flower which I saw yesterday and I read it's name "bougainvillea". I could see the affection and pride in her eyes. I remembered all the names of all the flowers that were their in that book. I think this was the defining moment in my life which brought me closer to nature.

Planting the trees -

As I was growing my encounter with nature was growing as well. My mother used to plant all kinds of plants in the garden. One day she took me to the garden and told me to plant some seeds on the soil. I didn't asked any question, I was happy that I was allowed to play with the soil and water. I planted those seeds and looked towards her. She said "yes, it's done". I was really happy with her comment but hardly new what was done ?

After a month she brought me back to the same place where I planted those seeds and I found that there was some plants there. I was really happy to see them. She gave me a great lesson that day about planting seeds and if we do plant seeds then in future we will be really happy to see the plants of our work grow.

Growing up phase -

I asked my mother, which plant is it ? She said, "your learning is half done". From that day she told me to give water to that plant. In one week it grew even bigger and some green colored fruit was coming out. I was really excited to see that and ran to my mother to inform her about the great "accomplishment". she was happy to see me that excited and came with me to the garden. This day I again asked her which plant is it mom ? She replied, it a tomato plant and when this plant will grow up this will give many tomatoes which you will be able to eat.

I was really happy that I grew a plant all by myself though with huge amount of help and guidance from my mother.

Another lesson was learnt that if you work on something continuously then it is going to give you great dividends in future.You just have to keep working on it.

Current day -

As I was growing up I planted many plants we even have bitter gourd plants in our house but with time I suppose we get busy with our lives and lose contact with nature. Though I still water the plants on some occasions.

Bitter Gourd flower from my garden
I think many people may have eaten bitter gourd but I think hardly anyone would know that it grows from this yellow flower. First this yellow flower grows and then the bitter gourd grows from this.

Connecting with nature -

I think I have been great impact of nature in my life and it has become such a integral part of my life that even when I'm out travelling, I keep taking pictures of the various trees, plants and flowers.

These are some of the pictures that I have taken and you can find more pictures on my travel and photography blog processing the life.

Revisiting memories -

It was a month back when we bought our monthly grocery and was checking the things that we bought. My sister found something which caught her attention. She asked me "Why is the kissan sauce having a different kind of cap ? It amused me at first and then two of us went close to look at it.

We were really glad to know about the kissanpur initiative by kissan to bring people specially kids close to nature. I think if this initiative was done in my childhood then I would have definitely starred as kissanpur hero.

The surprise -

When we took of the cap we found tomato seeds inside it and we became really excited and like our childhood days, me and my sister ran to show these seeds to my mother. She was pleasantly surprised as well.

This time around, she asked us, what are you going to do with these seeds ? and we said nothing but took her to our garden and planted the seeds in the soil. I think we were seeing the same pride in her eyes which we used to see in her eyes when we were young and she used to teach us how to plant the seeds. 

Our mother had a huge role in bringing us closer to the nature and I thank kissan as well for bringing those memories back into life.

Giving back to nature -

Giving back what you have gained is the rule of the nature and being a grown up now, I really enjoy playing with the kids of my house and telling them the importance of nature.

These are my little ones of my family and I really like teaching them about nature.

Pictures are from processing the life.


  1. very nice to read on.. Read mine if possible :-). Let me know your thoughts.


  3. That's a beautiful post.. I love nature myself and I am the same as you, everywhere I go I love to take photographs of flowers, plants and trees ... ;)

  4. The compilation of pictures is nice.
    Your mother indeed has had a good influence on you :)

  5. I can see you are very much into mother nature since the beginning. Well, everyone should be. I got 5 watermelon sprouts in a li'l ceramic pot... such a happy feeling. Thank you Gaurab for sharing this post :)


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