Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Name represents tradition

This week's Indispire topic was to write about your name and if you like it or not? I think the after reading a few posts, it became a little monotonous. I didn't felt like writing the post but still forced myself into writing one.

The answer to the question asked is really simple, I like my name and I use it in all my blogs and social accounts. I think "alias" are not for me. I'm actually really "proud" of my name. Ah! the meaning of my name is also "pride". It's a common Indian name and since most of the Indian parents have a lot of expectation from their child and feel that they are going to do some great work one day hence they give them really meaningful names.

My name was actually given to my father which was later changed due to some family ritual and norm. Every traditional Indian family has the ritual where the new born is given an auspicious name. So, his name was changed but I think he really liked. So, he named me Gaurab.

I believe our name is our most important identity and it defines not just our personality but also our family and our tradition. We carry our family name with us and as I said naming ceremony has huge importance hence a name is given after a lot of discussion and thought going behind it.Interestingly, my younger brother (cousin) has the same initials "GM" like me and so is most of my family members :D


  1. Naam mein kya rakha hai :) :) plz remove the word verification process

  2. Interesting Gaurab.. I don't know if you know but in Thailand everyone is named at birth and because they believe that the spirits take an unhealthy interest in the new born, the babies are given a nick name, so as to confuse the spirits. I often wondered why they have nicknames and found this out a few weeks ago. My initials are GM also ;)


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