Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Street Photography : New Delhi

I think New Delhi is one the most colorful places you can see. People here like to dress and prefer vibrant colors for their dresses. Hence, purposefully I have removed the color from this picture.You can find people with really unique hair styles like the one on the right hand side. The person on the left was walking in front of me and he was the actual inspiration for this image as he was listening to music and was dancing on the middle of the street.

Have you ever experienced something like this on the streets. :) :D


  1. Yes I know what you talking abt as they say DElhi DIWallo ki Hai :)
    If possible, remove word verification, makes it difficult to comment.

  2. I like this pic, the natural ones are the best ;)

  3. i feel they have the best dressing sense in india and then comes mumbai in the list :)


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