Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Indiblogger Meet #BergerXP

The festival of bloggers returned to Delhi this saturday, 25th Feb. 2017. It was more than a year that Indiblogger arranged any meet in the town. So, when I got to know that this meet is going to happen, I just thought I would have to attend it anyhow. 

I reached the venue and saw some familiar IndiTeam faces and said yes I back where I belonged. It has been a hectic last 3-4 months for me in the work front as you would know demonetization has hit the bankers the hardest.

I have attended many meets but I felt Express Painting was one of the most entertaining meets conducted by Indiblogger. The main reason for this would be that they involved every single person in the room in the activities and the activities itself were very interesting.

After registering yourself, there was lunch for everyone. Then, we had to go to the siting area where the first activity of the day was going to happen. The first activity itself was really interesting. everyone was given chits with description of other blogs and bloggers and people would have to identify the person with the description or the blog. It was a good ice-breaking session as people started interacting a lot. 

One of best part of these meets are that you got to know people who are like you, who have struggles like you and who like to scribble like you. where else you would find a lot have same kind of interests, a hall filled with people who love writing, sharing and travelling.

After this activity there was a very interesting speech by Mr. Das from Berger paints. He was very knowledgeable about every aspect of the work which his company does. He was also interacting with the audiences a lot. One thing which is very good about the Delhi bloggers is that they are always listening and when given a chance to ask questions they never stop. So the Q&A session became very informative.

Some interesting facts that I learned from the session

1. Berger is working towards skill India and imparting training to people to become trained painters.
2. It is being about a change in the profession of the painter and making this a respectable job.
3.The process of painting is becoming more technical and advanced thanks to Berger which is using some great equipments
4. Berger is reducing the time to paint to about 40% of the time which it used to took earlier.
5. All this things at the same price which you used to give to your neighborhood painter but you will get a really high worth of product and result.

After this informative session we were divided into teams. The first activity that the teams have to play was about scrubbing. All the teams were given a board which they had to scrub and make it clean enough for painting. This activity was planned in such a way to give bloggers some insight about the work the painters do.

I was the part of team number 1 and we were totally up for the challenge. I think all of us got along very well from the word go so it was amazing working with the team. You can see the picture below of Team 1 standing with their finished work.

The next activity was about painting and we were given the topic to depict Delhi. We discussed in the tea break what we can do and then we started off in a journey. I feel all of us have put our heart out in the activity. The best part of this activity was that all of us were really enjoying it. We were actually a happy team which was enjoying the work rather than thinking about what will be the result.

After the activity we were told to explain the work which we have done, I felt the most confident at that moment to explain our master piece so I took the stage and I feel I did a good job ;-)

It is said if you enjoy doing something it is bound to give some good results and we came second in the teams event. The winner was declared counting the points of both the activities.

I feel if you are gaining something you are a winner as in indimeets you always win some great friends and enjoy some amazing moments. Hence, everyone comes out as a  winner.

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