Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Pearson Workshop on Design Thinking for bloggers

Learning and improving are a continuous process. There is no end to learning so when I got the mail from Indiblogger Team to be a part of a Design Thinking workshop, I just instantly said yes. Meeting all my dear blogger friends whom I identify as my extended family was another big motivation.

What is the first thing that comes to our mind when we hear about Design Thinking ? No, it is not related to designers or about designers. So before going forward, first think which one should know is that Design Thinking is not related to Interior Designing or Graphic Designing.

So, you are going to ask me what is it about ? It is about humans, it is about us, it is about the processes we use or we are involved in. It is about streamlining the process to get some better or futuristic results.In a nutshell, it is creative problem solving methodology.

About the Workshop 

The workshop was about the basics of Design Thinking. We were invited at the Pearson office at Gurgaon. As the invitation suggested that Design thinking has redefined norms in many industries, all the bloggers who have gathered there were really enthusiastic to learn something which could help them transform their blog.

The workshop started with Vikas Singh and Vikram Dhamija telling us about Pearson and how they are working worldwide and in India. It was very interesting to know that how they have transformed themselves in this era of technology. I only used to relate them to books before this workshop but there expertise in digital learning is commendable.

They are focusing in India and I think India is a very huge market for Digital learning. We already have many players who are trying to catch our attention with free courses. People in Pearson know that they stand for quality and that is what they are trying to project to the people as well when they informed us that they don't offer any free courses.

I really liked the analogy of a free course with gym membership. Every year we make a resolution in the starting of the year to become a fit person and to satiate that resolution we end up enrolling ourself to a nearby gym. Similarly, as we cross a financial year, we end up enrolling ourselves for these free courses which we actually don't end up completing. 

We need focus and motivation to complete a course. So, when we are actually focusing the we will surely pick a course which is going to be the best and Pearson for sure is offering some really great courses which you can check for yourself.

Coming back to the workshop, we were given a hands on experience on a software which helped us understand the process of Design Thinking. It is about understanding all the point of views, having empathy, having an receptive mind and most importantly being humble. 

What we got out of this workshop ? We got the chance to meet the top brass or the decision makers of Pearson and understand their point of view on learning industry, blogging and on Design Thinking. I personally got the chance to meet my blogger friends after a long time. 

Most importantly we took great ideas from the workshop regarding implementation of Design Thinking on our blogs. How Design Thinking can impact our blogs and the blogging community as a whole. I think as a learner you what some to teach you how to think rather than what to think and this is what exactly this workshop did. It gave me a new perspective to use my blog and my readers.

I am sharing some of the pictures from the meet.

Meeting my blogger friends after a long time...

And finally receiving the Certificate for the Design Thinking Workshop

Stay happy. Cheers.

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