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Smelly encounter and Why you should take bath daily ?

I think everybody remember their school days and specially those times when they have enjoyed the most. Winter camps in school are one such experience which people don't forget.Our school used to follow the tradition of winter camp religiously and we used to stay in the school for around 3 to 4 weeks of intense study and sports (read physical activity) sessions.

This is not a very good incident that happened to me during my school days and I preferred not to share till date. I think there was no reason as well to share a smelly story on my blog.During school days children do think that they have grown up but in reality they are still not adults. I don't mean that adults don't smell bad but in case of young boys and girls because of carelessness and lethargy there are more number of people who smell "bad".

During those winter camps most of us used to sit at our preferred seats. The teachers were not that strict during that period, which allowed me and my friends to sit together and keep on chatting. There was a girl in our group who used to sit next to me in the class. After one week of winter camp I noticed that there was a bad odor coming from her. I felt like asking her #WhatsThatSmellBoss. If only hostels would have had Racold water heater.

At first I tried to ignore her and thinking that since all of us here working so hard from day to night, a person may forget or didn't get proper time to have a bath. When it continued for 2-3 days I thought it might be that she might have some problems and it won't be polite to tell her on the face that she is smelling so bad.

Though the smell stopped for few days after that but it again started coming after few days and being a polite person I am (which wasn't turning out to be a good virtue to have in this case) this time again I thought it won't be polite to mention this to her. Though this time the smell didn't stopped after few days rather it started increasing everyday. After few days it became unbearable to sit beside her.

As I said earlier in my post that being in school we might feel that we are grown up but actually we are not and tend to childish things and in this case she wasn't taking a bath I suppose :P :D I actually wouldn't have any problem but she was sitting next to me everyday and I had to bear that stinking smell.

Funny part about these stinking smells is that they actually don't trouble their owners but only their neighbors and near-dear ones. In this case it was me who was feeling miserable because of this stinking smell.I felt like asking her #WhatsThatSmellBoss but kept that thought to myself. Since the winter was very cold that year in New Delhi hence there were many like her in the school. Though we had hot water for bathing in the hostel but for that they had to take bath early in the morning, which these lazy souls can't even think of doing during the winters.I felt like donating a water heater to the hostel. ;) :)

I actually felt like telling them the profits of hot water bath. If only they new these facts during that time, I think they wouldn't have skipped taking bath a single day. To maintain a good health it is required to take bath daily. I know many children and even a lot of parents don't know these facts and this may be the only reason that they don't make it a regular habit. I think everyone should take bath daily and it should become an integral part of your life. Parents should inculcate the habit of taking bath daily to their children as this will not only keep them healthy now but in long run they will have a healthy and good life.

I chalked out a plan to save myself from this miserable situation. I asked my friend who was a very straight forward person to sit next to her and I shifted myself one seat. I knew he was a kind of person who would definitely tell her about the bad odor and that is what exactly happened. Within minutes of him sitting next to him, his expressions changes and I knew my plan was working.

Few minutes later, he asked her that does she have a deodorant in her room? She said yes. So he replied "you should apply that everyday without failure". I think she might have got the point and in a way that wasn't that rude as well.

From the next day few days there wasn't any smell and on few days we used to get some beautiful fragrance of the deodorant. No prize for guesses, bad habits subtle leave. One thing was good that I could sit in a pleasant environment.

I felt like asking her many times #whatsThatSmellBoss but I refrained myself from doing that. Maybe you shouldn't be so polite. What do you feel ? How would you deal with this same situation ?

My suggestion for all the parents will be -

Hot water is also good for people who are working. As taking a hot water bath after a heavy day's work relaxes your whole body and clams you down. It works as a stress-buster. I think there won't be a single person who doesn't want to be stress-free in his or her life. Specially when you come home to you children, you want to be stress free and want to enjoy your time with them.

I think child learn a lot of things from there parents if a parent is having some good habit then it is automatically inherited by the children. So, maintaining a good health and taking bath daily will also make your kids inherit those habits.

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