Friday, August 22, 2014

Re-do your home with make my home

I like space in my life and my home represents the same thing. It won't take a rocket scientist to guess my choice of home decor, I like contemporary. I always wanted to have a house which would look clutter free. I personally feel, contemporary style gives your house a smart look and make you more efficient while you are working. 

Some of things which can actually enhance the look of my house are -

1. Wonder Arts Art Deco Tree Wall Sticker - In my house, I haven't put any stickers or arts till now as all the walls in my house are in the shades of white or steel which actually made stickers look very loud but this sticker looks really soothing to my eyes.

Another profit of having a contemporary style for your home is that it is really soothing to your eyes and creates a really peaceful atmosphere. As I said above this sticker doesn't hit the eyes and stays with background. 

2. Malhar Decor W-leaf Photo Frame - In my house except a few family pictures, you can hardly find photo frames. Yes, there is a large photo frame in drawing room but it has become a part of the background now. So, making this choice was really obvious. Further, this also fits my home and the style both.

3. Aapno Rajasthan Time Piece and National Emblem Stand - I feel this time piece and national emblem stand will look wonderful in the side table of my house. So, not just the walls but the sides of the my house have improved a lot as well. Isn't it good ? Till now I wasn't much sure about keeping anything above my wooden side table but this time piece perfectly fits the space. 

I feel makemyhome has actually made my home look better. Since most people go for colorful and chic things hence it is sometimes hard to find things to decorate your house when you follow contemporary style. I actually could have taken more things but there is always a next time. Importantly, all these items were having a great discount as well. So, if you are thinking about decorating your house then look no further, is the perfect destination

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  1. Nice selection of things Gaurab..All the best to you also for contest...

    My another post for the same contest:


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