Sunday, October 19, 2014

Healthy Child makes happy homes

I was really young when one day I went out to play with the kids of my colony to play in a nearby field. It started drizzling and we still kept on playing. When you are young, you actually don't pay much attention to the external factors but your only focus is having a gala time with your friends.

When I returned home, my parents were really angry that why I didn't returned to home when it started raining so heavily and like all the kids who were playing with me, I also gave the same answer that "all the kids were playing, how could I have returned ?" With the expressions of my parents I could easily tell that they didn't liked my answer at all. 

So, I was told to do whatever I want but in my room only. By the night I started feeling a bit drowsy, had a bit of fever and started coughing also. My parents were quick to notice it and started panicking. They started giving all the herbal medicines and even warm water to drink and made me inhale hot vapor also. Even after all their efforts the fever was not subsiding. 

My mother became really concerned, she thought how the whole home looks sick when he falls sick as now one is there to enjoy. Further one a child falls sick, even the parents get involved and they can't take rest till he is alright. So, if a child is sick it impacts the whole house.

After some time the bell rang and my grandmother came home, my parents narrated the whole story to them. They expected my grandmother to scold me and tell me that I had done wrong but instead she remained calmed. She looked at my father and said, "Don't you remember how you used to get wet in the rains every year but we never used to scold you, do you know why ? "

My father looked towards his mother in an inquisitive manner, when she saw that my father is not able to figure out anything, she replied "For children prevention is more important than cure, you should not wait to take care of his health after he fall sick but you should take care of him everyday." My father actually got annoyed by this and said "I take of him everyday, why are you saying like that ? "

My grandmother looked towards my father and said " If you take care of your son everyday then how could you forget giving him the Chyawanprash, made by the rishi muni" During earlier days there used to be a rishi muni's picture in the Dabur Chyawanprash and my grandmother used to relate with it a lot. She continued "If you would have given him Chyawanprash everyday, then he wouldn't have fallen sick and you two could also stay relax." From that day my father made it a compulsion for us to have a Chyawanprash daily.

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  1. Ha ha :D All grandmothers are the same...they are so caring and adorable. This post also brought back my childhood memories when I used to eat lots of ice creams and would have ended up catching cold. Lovely post :)


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