Thursday, December 18, 2014

Adding magic to vacations

The day your child comes into your life, you become a transformed person. The birth of your first child marks the start of a new life for you. In a way, you are born again and you start living your life from the eyes of your kid. This changes your whole world and you start taking all your decisions according to your child's preferences.

Me and my wife have planned for our kids from a long time. We always knew that we would have two kids and with god's grace we are blessed with two wonderful angels. It was around 5 years ago that our daughter was born and two years later our son. They have made our life complete and exceptionally wonderful, we have a complete family which enjoys a lot with each other.

The Vacations 

When we used travel before our kids were born, we generally used to be carefree people who would make their plans abruptly. During the travels we used to visit some tourist places, take pictures and eat food. It was a change from our daily routine and hence we used to be happy for that change.

From the time our kids came into our life, our preparations have been hundred times more. We take care of every possible thing before hand. From the places we will stay to the food we will eat. We pack more things like some snacks if our kids feel hungry, etc.

The Magic

Now the vacations are not just about the places we will travel or the food we will eat. Now, every moment is special as our kids are with us. We take hundreds of pictures every day. I remember the time when we took them to a beach, our daughter was so excited to see the ocean for the first time. We captured her every emotion when water touched her small feet. The amazing happiness that was present in her face when she walked on the wet sand for the first time will always be close to my heart. This feeling was actually magic.

It was recently when we took the kids to see the snow fall in Himachal, our son was so enthusiastic and happy to play with snow that it was hard to even catch him for a moment. After many blurred pictures because he kept on running, his mother caught him and we took some pictures of him. Watching the spark of excitement and happiness in his face can't be compared to any other feeling. These moments are the magic which everybody wants in their life. The feelings which can be hardly compared to anything.

I feel these amazing moments that we share with our kids, the emotions in their faces, like the happiness in our daughter's face when she walked on wet sand for the first time and the spark of excitement when our son was playing with snow is actually the magic we were looking for the whole life. Now, our each holiday is filled with hundreds of these magical moments, which we will cherish our whole life.

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  1. Really kids add magic to the vacation, and most importantly they spend their time with family....

  2. Nice write up ... yet to experience a family vacation with kids ;)

  3. Such sweet memories!


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