Saturday, December 13, 2014

Airbnb Wish List

I like travelling and just recently I got the chance to check out a travel website called Airbnb, the website allows people to browse through different accommodations available across various cities in the world. Interesting part is that these accommodations are not commercial accommodations but are places that are rented by their owners who are also are part of the same community.

In other words, it is creating a community of travel lovers who can share their accommodations to have a better travel experience. Since the people who are renting out the houses or places to live are also a part of this community hence you can easily interact with them and know about the place and the facilities available.

Further, there are reveiews available from other members of the community who have visited or stayed in those places before, with this reveiew system you are getting an honest feedback before selecting a place.

The range of prices available are really awesome. If you are a budget traveler or a luxury traveler, there is enough options for both. You also get detailed map view so that you can select the place at the right location.

The website also offers a very good referral program and you get benefits every time you invite a friend to the website.

Another interesting feature is the Wish Lists, you can select the places you have liked or places you may want to visit and create a list. You can also browse through other people's list and add the places to your list if you like them.

Here is my Wish List -

1. B & B Antica Riva - Blue - Venice

Venice is one of the first place I choose. This is one of my favorite places which I want to visit. It provides a private room and a bed and accommodates 2 people.

2. Eiffel Tower Apartments, Stunning View, Paris

How can one create a list of favorite places and not include Paris. This place touched my heart at one go. Though it is a bit expensive but the large windows and the wonderful interiors stole my heart. I think one should stay in Paris a bit lavishly and stylishly. 

3. Sunny, Gorgeous west village Homes, New York

Every traveler and blogger would definitely like to visit New York. The city offers so much things from old historic places to new fusion cuisines. The shopping and travel circuit in the city is famous also. I selected this place because it gave me a very comfortable feel. I got the feedback that people stay in a bit congested places in New York, so finding this comfortable place was really wonderful.

4. Condo at Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok

It is hard to find a good place in Bangkok as well. This One bed condo was apt for me while travelling. I love the rooms which have large windows and from where you can see the city and the greenery. The interiors also looked really nice.

5. Apartment at Jalan Raja Udang, Singapore

Singapore is a must in any travelers list because of the wonderful places that you can see in the city. The city is said to be very friendly and offers really good food. The shopping festivals in Singapore is very popular as well. This place in Singapore has lots of space and many facilities. It is apt for your travel if you are travelling with your family. It can accommodate 5 people  and will give you the feeling of home only. 

The link to Wish List -

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The post is written for Indiblogger, Airbnb Wish List Contest.

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  1. Apart from Bangkok, I think the other 4 places are also there in my wishlist. A big same pinch :D
    And wonderful choices Gaurab :)


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