Thursday, December 11, 2014

Blog to feed a child - No child goes hungry

India is a country which is progressing really fast but there are few short comings to this development. The development which we are experiencing is limited to only few cities and towns. Most of our country still live in villages and these villages have hardly experienced this development.

The government is definitely taking initiatives so that the development reaches to the poorest of the people in this society but the whole process will take many years to actually become reality. In this mean time there would be millions of children who will spend their childhood without even getting proper food and schooling. 

There are millions of kids in this country who don't even get basic necessities like food, clean water and clothes so that they could survive. In most of the villages the children are malnourished and become easy target of diseases. Many parents even lose their children in young ages because their children are not getting proper nourishment.

I think providing food and basic facilities to these children should be our first priority. The government must take a more proactive role towards eliminating hunger from the society. Further, it is our responsibility also to work towards providing proper food to the children of our society.

I would definitely request all my readers not to waste any food in their home and when they go to marriages or any functions please make it a point not to waste food and ask the organizers to donate the left overs to the poor and needy.

I think by taking small steps and by giving helping hand to one another we will definitely be able to remove hunger from our country. The people who are taking about religion should also know that children are god's most beautiful gift and if they are hunger then how can god be happy. So, please donate for these social causes as well and help our country to become a better place to live for everyone.


  1. Lovely post Gaurab, very thought provoking. Nice to see you blogging for such a beautiful cause :)

  2. Rightly said Gaurab.. That's exactly what I have been doing in the last few years.. I just don't waste food.. But so many people do.. Very sad situation. There are many NGOs which collect the left overs and distribute amongst the poor.. There is one group in my city which picks up the left over food and distribute. All we need to do is give them a call but sadly people don't even do that !!!


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