Saturday, December 27, 2014

Feeling peaceful

In our lives we always try to find the easy way out, we try not to create conflict and in trying to do so we actually create more problems for ourself. As not telling the truth actually creates more problem. At some point what we think is the easy way out in long term it ends up becoming a great problem.

In college days, me and my best friend always used to be together. We played together, studied together and even traveled together. We used to share everything with each other.

In third year while we were managing an event, I suddenly saw some changes in his behavior. He didn't used to reply properly, when I used to tell him some work then he used to do it in a very clumsy manner. His interest towards activities and work was less too. I got really worried as he has never behaved like this. I kept on thinking what was wrong but was not able to figure it out.

Finally, one day during a morning stroll, I asked him that is there any problem you are facing ? He looked at me and said "No, why do you ask ?" I said because you behavior has changed. He looked the other side and said "Okay". I knew there was some problem.

I poked him few more times with the same question and made him a bit emotional with my sentimental dialogues which finally made him speak. He told me that some juniors told him that he will always remain No.2 as I take all the limelight during announcements and in the stage performances.

When I understood the problem and came to know the truth. It made me feel relieved as I knew what was the problem and what I would have to work on. We discussed the whole matter in detail and after hearing each other's point of view we figured out the solution and the path forward. This gave both of us mental peace.

I managed the stage time accordingly so that he gets some limelight as well and told him to go for announcements without me. This started working as he understood that this was not such a big problem. He also understood that how some people were just playing with his emotions and were trying to sabotage our friendship. We confronted the same people together and made sure that we don't give people like them any other opportunity to create differences between us. 

With time, he understood that though he took some responsibilities when he was feeling hurt but he never liked doing them. He again shifted back to the work he liked doing of organizing and maintenance.  This incident taught us the importance of communication and sharing truth with your loved ones. After sharing truth with each other about we felt, we actually made our bond more stronger which won't get affected by any such misunderstanding created by other people. I can definitely say that telling the truth in this situation was the right thing to do and made all the difference.


  1. Amazing Gaurab! See you in the winning list! Hahah :) Nice post though!
    I welcome you to read my story if possible, The Stalemate - Were you ever in love? I would love your precious views on it! :)

  2. Learning from simple life facts, it's all there... need is to learn from our surroundings and that teach us life lessons. Superb post Gaurab. Many likes.


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