Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Just another normal day to work

My head was ringing...as I woke up in the morning after few hours of sleep which I could get in the night. If you have seen Salman's Dabbang movie then you would remember the seen where he slammed Sonu sood's head with his bare hand and sonu's head was just ringing. Yup...that's the kind of music which I get to hear in the morning.

After it stops, it's automatically the devotional song which keeps playing on my head. When I was a kid there was a uncle in my colony who used to play these songs early in the morning and even in my hostel days, one of our wardens was a hanuman bhakt so we used to hear the devotional songs everyday. I think my head has got used to that music. Most of the days I play it on my tab but even when I don't play them it is going on in my head. I have to check is there some neighbor who plays the song or not ? or is it my really my head ?  *Dilemma*

As I went out in the morning and turned my FM on in my mobile, the song which automatically started playing was Khoon chusne tu aaya...Khooni Monday :P  Ufff...

Riding the metro on Monday is no less than winning Olympics, you have to run to reach before anyone else, wrestle to get inside, jump a hundred times, do hurdles because some intelligent people do sit there inside the metro.  There can't be any other song than bhag milka bhag...

Whatever you do...you have to be 10 minutes late for the office and who knows how your boss is always there and he will always see you sneaking in...and then what to do...you start giving excuses. Have you seen the old golmal movie ? It is a must watch guys. The song which plays on my head is the song from that movie... Seedhe raste ki yeh tedi hi chal hai...golmal hai bhai sab golmal hai :P

And the background song which will sum up the whole day's work and like parineeti in the song you start day dreaming too. Isn't it ?


  1. Haha, quite apt description of a monday morning. And about that bhakti songs, I go through the same every morning, the only difference is that the sound of ringing temple bells comes from my own house. :D

  2. Lolz..I like this post..I hate Mondays as well !

    My First Vlog

  3. Good One !!! May be you can add one more song which help you fall asleep at end of day ... My fav. one is fro movie sadak " So gaya ye jahan "

  4. Quite a witty post Gaurab :) I liked the concept!

  5. Perfect amalgamation of normal day and the mentioned songs :) Good post Gaurab!


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