Sunday, December 13, 2015

My favourite city Delhi

If you ask me even in my dreams that which is my favourite city, I will still answer Delhi. This is the city where I was born and from that moment till this date, I have always been in love with this city.

The life is this city is amazing. The city has an amazing ambiance, when you drive through the city you know that you are in no ordinary city but a city with a long history and heritage bit at the same time it has the world class facilities at everyplace. The roads are really wide and with flyovers and underpasses covering the whole city, it is joy to drive through the city.


Delhi has a huge network of roads. Unlike other cities of India, the roads are really wide and well maintained. You can hardly find a pothole in the Delhi roads. The roads in the central Delhi where all the Embassies are present are a delight to drive as they are mostly free from traffic. The Ring roads are always full with traffic but it has it's own charm.

Another wonderful part about driving in Delhi is that you have wonderful expressway and national highway connecting you with neighbouring towns, you can drive at these wonderful roads and enjoy your drive.

The narrow streets are also a great experience for drivers and many people cherish driving in these busy streets. While driving it is also important how people drive in the city, I feel Delhi has the best drivers who can travel through any roads.  


The design of the city is really amazing. We have flyovers or underground passes everywhere. This makes a huge number of stretches in our city signal free. The design is such that people have to hardly spend time in signals and could complete their travel in minimum time.

With so many flyovers being made every year. Delhi provide a signal free journey across many routes. If you driving from Anand vihar to south Delhi, you could actually travel 15-20 kilometer stretch with a red light or traffic signal.

Further, with some great monuments in the city. Some of the roads and stretches are just a delight to drive. You get to see Red fort, India gate, lotus temple and many other popular tourist destination while driving through roads only.


In terms of connectivity we have a wonderful last mile connectivity. You are connected to each and every part of the city through roads. As already mentioned the flyovers and underpasses make many routes signal free hence connectivity to far off areas also increase. 

Metro has also played a major role in increasing the connectivity of the city and many people prefer using this mode of transport to travel from one part of the city to another.

The city of Delhi is really well connected to rest of India and specially to it's satellite and neighboring cities with national highways and expressway. The Delhi-agra expressway is a state of art roadways project. You can fly through the expressway to reach Agra in no time.

The connectivity to Shimla, Haridwar and Nainital is also really good which lets Delhites enjoy their long drives.

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  1. And your fav CM Kejriwal :p Just kidding. I did not participate in the zone contest. I stay in Delhi, have so much to write, but didn't have anything to explain the design and connect of the city. So I chose to stay out. Good with your entry.


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