Saturday, January 9, 2016

Why India needs wind energy

Today India is no more a developing nation, it is recognised as a emerging nation which is rapidly developing all the fields. The new India is result oriented and is focused on being ahead of other nations. 

Energy is one the prime concern for the world. The economy is greatly affected by the nations which produce more energy. The current economy is dependent upon petroleum as it is used by most of the world for the source of energy. Till now, most of the countries have not been able to find any alternative source for generating energy. 

There has been some work which has been towards creating nuclear energy but huge population of the world thinks that it creates a lots of non-degradable nuclear waste which is harmful for our planet earth.

Many scientists are working on creating green or pure sources of energy which are good for our environment and our mother Earth. Solar energy has been developed a lot in the last few years. We have seen commendable work in the direction of tidal energy as well, though it has a little scope only. Wind energy has lots of scope and can be harnessed towards a huge source of renewable power.

Wind energy is a sector which needs lots of attention. People have not given it the due importance that it deserves. It can be used to produces huge amount of energy and has it definitely has the capacity to benefit masses. The scale in which wind energy can be produces is really huge, it is just that we have to start working towards that. Right now we are hardly producing substantial amount of power through wind energy. 

We have witnessing climate change in the last few decades which have been alarming for our scientists. We need to create as much energy as we can through green sources so that we can save our world for the future generation.

I do remember creating projects in schools for renewable energy sources. Creating models of wind mills and how they are useful to our society and our environment used to be such a great topic on and would always gain praises from my faculties. I think that kind of attention is needed today in the real world and we have to become those same students and make this dream a reality. It is fact that we need sustainable and green sources of energy today more than ever. Any initiative towards that is definitely a welcome move.

India being a emerging nation, needs a huge amount of energy to fulfill the growing needs of a billion people. Having a green source of energy to fulfill these needs will just not make India grow faster but will give it an edge as the source of the energy will be a sustainable source of energy.

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