Thursday, February 6, 2014


It's one of those sad days for cricket lovers where officials overrule the popular sentiments. Kevin Pieterson one of the legends of the game and undoubtedly the most prolific and attacking batsman the English team has seen in recent years has been sacked by the ECB.

The most controversial thing is that the reason for sacking is beyond cricket. It is said that it is a outcome of his spat with former team coach after their lose in Australia. It is said that he told Andy Flower, the coach during the Australian tour, not to treat players like kids.

He twitted his reaction

Kevin Peterson was part of the England squad which recently lost the series to Australia down under. There should have some repurcation of this loss but this is not the reaction people wanted. So, where has the ECB gone wrong?

The onus of a team's defeat is always on the captain and the coach. Here, Alastair cook and Andy flower were the people who should have got the blame for the defeat. A team's captain should take all the responsibility for its defeat but Cook is busy cooking politics. Cook has been the worst captain ever for England and it's surprising how he has still maintained his place in the side. It's a blunder to have such a useless person to lead a team. He can't motivate a single person. If he would go to cheer Usain Bolt then there is every possibility that even he would lose his race.

Sacking a player of this stature and who have contributed so much to the game is pathetic futher it is the way in which it has been done. If they were really looking towards future can't they give him a farewell match after all this he has done for the game and for the England team.

Sports are played for providing entertainment to the spectators not for practicing back door politics. This is the DEATH OF SPORTING CULTURE IN ENGLAND. The bias could easily be seen as it would have justified if Cook would have been dropped along side Pieterson. Cook is not popular anywhere becasue of this very reason, Alastair cook is a pathetic player and worse sports person. Who dare he lead a team to the worst defeat it has seen in recent past and still have the guts to be its captain. He should have resigned if he had any sportsman spirit.

I feel there is always a positive side, England's loss is Cricket's gain. People in India and Australia would be overjoyed to have him play their 20-20 leagues.


  1. That's a better perspective to look at it. Someone's loss is someone's gain.

    1. Yes, it is and now it has even translated into reality :)

  2. i think they need to get some tips from Indian think tanks as to how persist with some guys!!


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