Saturday, April 19, 2014

Shop with dealstan

Today the two things which we like the most are shopping and browsing and with the advent of E-commerce site it has become really easy to make online purchases. From books to clothes we are buying everything online.

The main benefits of buying online is that

1. Comfort - Yes, we can order some shoes right from our living room and just a few seconds later while relaxing in our beds we can select a wonderful watch and order that too. So, the comfort level is very high.

2. Ease - Yes, order can placed with just the movement of cursor. With few clicks we end up ordering something which we want.

3. Fast - The ordering and delivering process is really fast and we get the things within 24 hours in some shops these days.

4. Discount and price - Yes, this is the most important thing which lures us to buy things for the E-commerce store. The first thing we Indians look is the price of the product we are buying. This impacts our decision hugely.

If we are getting a discount then we buy that product even if we don't require that product. Girls end up buying two dresses instead of one if there is a offer like "Buy 2 Get 3". Even men end up stocking up deodorants when they get 50% off. This is in our DNA and we can't change.

5. Compare - From our childhood we are told to compare things. If we get higher marks than our friends then our parents used to feel proud similarly a neighbor feels proud if he has bigger size flat screen TV than his neighbor. So, if we get a chance to compare the products then how can we leave this opportunity.

Here, in E-commerce store we get the benefit of comparing many products at one place which makes them the favorite of every Indian.


As I told you the two most important thing which define our decision to buy a product from a E-commerce site is Discount and Comparison.Now, what Dealstan offers you.

1. Comfort - If you are shopping from Dealstan then you are going to get a greater comfort as you will get all the great offers at one place. You can find the products from all the leading store at one place which will stop you from website hopping which you do to check the prices from different store.

2. Ease - You will be at more ease because you will get all the deals and offers from all the leading stores like Flipkart, Amazon etc at one place.

3. Fast - Since you don't have to browse multiple sites to check the prices hence it will automatically increase you speed of shopping. :) :D

4.Discount - You actually know the discount given by a particular store but you can't know which E-commerce store is giving discount on which product every day. It is actually not possible for any person to visit every E-commerce store and check all the deals.

This problem of yours is solved by Dealstan which brings and the best deals from almost all the E-commerce store we use to buy our products. From Flipkart to amazon and from myntra to jabong all the E-commerce store at one place.This will give you a mental peace and far greater ease while shopping.

5. Compare - In this site you just don't compare products but you can compare various offers from different stores. This will help you select the best deal from all the E-commerce store. Now, you will get the best deal available anywhere in the Internet at just one place.

So, what are you waiting for Go to now. :)

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