Thursday, May 8, 2014

Cricket crazy friends

During my college days me and my friends used to spend the holidays by roaming around in the streets of Delhi. Sometimes we used to go to some popular place other times to a totally new place just to see what's new things we can explore.

During these trips sometimes we used to find places which were really great and where we made it a point to come back again. One among such place was a local dhaba near Malviya nagar. It was late and we were about to go back but suddenly the owner of the Dhaba switched on the TV. He was a big fan of Saurav Ganguly and among our group quite a few people used to like  him. So, when he asked us to stop for the match none of could even think about refusing.

If you are a Saurav Ganguly fan then you would remember those days when he used to play for Kolkata Knight Riders and most of the people from media were against him. These media person don't even understand there negative publicity hurt so many people across the country who love their stars. Surprisingly, Yuvraj was sold for  14 crores this season and have performed miserably but not a single channel plays it in there headlines. So, coming back to the point it was great to find fellow Saurav Ganguly fan during that time.

The Dhaba owner said in this match "Dada" (a name all Saurav Ganguly fans fondly use to call him) is going to score big and win us this match. Though we all secretly wanted his words to come true but at that point told him that looking at his form it may not be possible. So, to see if his prediction becomes reality or not, we all stayed there to watch the whole match.

The night was really special as what he said came true and "Dada" played a brilliant knock and even won the man of the match. We all were really happy and went outside on the streets to dance, yes we were crazy. To my surprise there were hundreds of people on the streets dancing and we also joined the group. After dancing and enjoying for an hour, we sudenly remember to check our mobile phones. We have kept it in the silent mode in one of the bags we were carrying. As we saw our phones we started panicking. We had no clue it was so late and there was around hundred missed calls from our parents. They would have naturally panicked because none of us were picking up the phone. What happened in our home is expected but this was a really night which we all thoroughly enjoyed.

One thing that I love about and how it has changed the way I follow the game is the Action recap feature. We all stay busy the whole day and sometimes we tend to reach home late or don't get the time to follow the game in these times this action recap feature help us to watch the best moments of the match and don't miss out on the game. In less time, we get the chance to watch the best moments of our favorite game. 

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