Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother : Epitome of love and sacrifice

There was a dangerous thunderstorm that night and the heavy rain has filled the almost empty road with water.

In that low visibility a car was moving in the road at a very high speed, the driver was in a hurry and a bit drunk, he has to reach somewhere fast.

While driving through the street he hears a baby crying very loudly, he was surprised to hear a baby's voice in that silent street and on such a rainy night.

The visibility was not great, the driver tried to look each side of the road so that he could see if the baby was around but suddenly out of nowhere a woman comes in front of his car and he loses the control of his car which end up badly hurting the woman.

The driver ran away with his car, the baby was still crying and was waiting for her mom to come, the woman on the road was badly hurt but still started crawling on that rainy street with a bottle of milk in her hand, she knew that her baby was still hungry.   

(Happy Mother's Day to everyone. Do thank her for all the great efforts she has done to make you the person you are. :) :D )

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  1. What a sad story, but with such a strong message. Well done!

  2. It is sad but the mom is more concerned about the baby than her wounds. This is MOM.

  3. Mothers are like that..always..


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