Sunday, May 18, 2014

I'm the craziest cricket fan in the nation

The one thing that I can never miss is my date with "cricket". Yes, I'm among the hundreds of addicted cricket fans of our great country who can't afford to miss a single moment of their cricket match. From my childhood I have this habit of being glued to the screen, from the toss to the post match presentation. The line "Eat cricket, Drink cricket and Sleep cricket" fits perfectly for me.

From my childhood till now I have done lots of crazy stuff just to be able to watch my favorite matches live. Few of these greats feats are shared below -

1. Acting to be sick - If the match used to fall on any weekday this is the formula I always use to watch my matches. During my school days I used to tell my parents that right a note or tell my teachers that I'm sick and won't be able to go to school. Though it took a lot of convincing. Motion sickness was my favorite excuse, from morning I used to tell my parents that I'm not feeling well and then used to rush to the toilets few times. Yes, that's all it needed for convincing my wonderful parents.

As I have grown up, it needs a different and more elaborate effort. One day before the match order something spicy in the office, make sure everyone sees that you are eating this and if possible offer it to your boss when he is in hurry. After having it start your act that you are actually not feeling that well. Maybe the food that you ate wasn't that good, bring in those chatterboxes who keep on complaining about the junk food. They will actually do the rest with their stories which actually make junk food sound like junk. ;) :) Then the next day give your boss a call and send him a sorry message. Hope it works for you. :)

2. Liar - Liar - Yes, you have to able to lie non-stop if you don't want yourself to be disturbed by your girlfriend or your friends who want you to go out for movies or drinks. Yes, tell them anything, from repairing work at home to a distant relative who has suddenly come to visit you and whom you have seen for around hundred years, not hundred years but something like that, you got my point, isn't it ?

3. Out of reach - You can actually dodge everyone but you can't dodge your own family members. It becomes really irritating if your family members are nagging you during the match. Sometimes they also get fed up of your habit of being constantly glued to your screen. There is just one solution to this, find a shop, tea stall, sports bar or any place which has the live feed and they make yourself comfortable there and switch your phone off. You get to watch the match at peace. I have a lot of experience of this and with the cheering fans around you almost gets the feeling of being in the ground.

4. Phone a friend - If all your excuses fail then call that friend of yours who is equally mad about sports like you and tell him to lie to everyone that for a some emergency he needs you today. He would be happily oblige you as he loves the game as much as you do. ;) :) Remember one thing, you may have to return the favor on some other time :P

5. Party Spoiler - How many times it has happened that a party has coincided with a very important match ? the answer is every single time. So, what would I do on those days. The answer is very simple I try to find a the room with the television then I go and start relaxing there then I switch on the TV and start watching the match in mute, there would always be few who would join in and you may have a great time unless someone comes in switches the TV off and blames you for spoiling the mood. Yes, you have to go through some non-sense to follow the game you love.

One thing that I love about and how it has changed the way I follow the game.

There are so many things that I love about starsports. I know the time when we didn't used to have the cable connection as my father thought it would spoil the children through I can understand now that he was somewhat true with his suspicions, during those times when India used to play outside India I always used to think how lucky would be people who have starsports in their homes.

In some time after my constant push, my father finally agreed to have the cable connection but gave me a list of do's and don't for watching the TV. So, when I first time watched a match live from outside India, it felt really amazing. I actually can't express that feeling in words. It was a mixture of over joyed with fanatically excited. You are getting me I suppose. I will give another try to express how I felt, just think of Sreesanth and Harbhajan dancing together and then bring the excitement of both of these players into a body of a person. Yes, now you got that feeling. :) :D

Launch of

With the launch of they have taken another step to bring the fans closer to their favorite game. They are ones who actually understand the nerves of the this cricket crazy nation. They have made it actually possible for us to watch the game from where we want. The freedom to carry your game with you. 

One thing I love about 

I actually like so many features about that people may think I'm actually in love with it but in a way it's true. Don't take it otherwise except cricket I have fairly normal life. So, I actually given a "TAGLINE" for the feature that I like and it is -

"Don't miss while you piss" - It's a cricket lover's nightmare when during the crunch overs he gets the nature call and have to leave the match just to go to the toilet to "piss". I think have solved this problem. Now you can take you phone with you to the toilet and you won't have to miss out on a single moment from the match.

I'm also a big fan of ZIP CLIPS - Normal fans use it watch the best moments while crazy fans like me watch it to do the revision of the match so that they have enough content to share with colleagues and friends and brag about the game we all so much love.

I would thank blogadda and starsports for giving me this opportunity to write about my love and passion of cricket.

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  1. 'Don't miss while you piss' hahahahaha lol!!! But, definitely true! We don't even pee, when there is some good cricket happening!
    Big fan of cricket! High five!

    1. Long live cricket :) This is the only thing which brings the whole country to a stand still.Thanks for the feedback. :) :D


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