Sunday, June 1, 2014

Death of a rich man

It was raining since the last night. The sun was hardly visible and it was barely morning. Mohan like everyday was awake before the sunrise. His son, Ram, who sleeps everyday when his father leaves was also awake today. 

Looking at his father getting ready he asks "where are you going today ?" Mohan got furious to his question. "What do you mean Ram ? I'm going to my work. The same work which has helped me feed this family and given me a respectable life."

His son Ram wasn't pleased with the answer. He stands up and looks towards his father. Isn't your master dead ? I heard he died yesterday and none of his family was there. Mohan's face got filled with anger and sorrow at the same time. "Ram, this is what I have taught you all these years. You should have respect for the man who actually paid your father the salary."

Ram replied " Father, he wasn't actually a man of honor, he made you work like a slave and paid you the bare minimum because of which we were never able to save any money. Even his children never used to see his face, he died alone and I think maybe his children won't even come to perform his last rituals."

Mohan's anger was increasing, "I feel ashamed to call you my son" I may not have been rich with wealth but I always loved you and always gave you the best I could. You have had everything that I never even imagined that I could have in my life. You have got good education and have you forgot what I always teach you ?

Ram in his low voice replied " I remember, a rich man is not a man with wealth but a man with good education and love in his heart." Mohan said "then where is your love, you have let money over power it. This is my last day there, I want you to come with me."Ram looked at his father and with a bit of hesitation said " Fine, but I won't saty long"

The huge house of Mohan's master was filled with many people today. Everyone he knew was assembled to witness his last rights being performed. Among all the people his children were missing. They will be able to come latest by tomorrow. Mohan looked at his master's wife and asked we would have top start the ritual who do you want to sit for this ? 

The master's wife in her shivering voice said "Though my children should have done the rituals but he wasn't that lucky but I see you have brought your son here, I think he must do it." Mohan looked with surprise towards his master's wife and then towards his son.


  1. Great story with a lot of depth..!!

    1. Thanks karan for the wonderful feedback :)

  2. Well written Gaurab..... and thought provoking.

  3. Thats simply thought provoking and an amazing story. Well written Gaurab.
    Never thought of an ending like that!

  4. Loved it. Very touching story. Good job!

  5. Rich people are sometimes not popular because of their actions to earn wealth. This story is one of them

  6. Wealth doesn't actually make one can buy all the earthly things..expensive and luxurious but some things are priceless...very well written.. :-)

  7. Not entirely unexpected but an interesting ending here.
    You now need to write a story on how Ram responded to this.

    Arvind Passey

  8. Wonderful story.
    It is not wealth but the love of our dear ones which make us rich. Well written.

  9. Very creative Gaurab! The ending gives a jolt!

  10. Keen to know ram's response to this :) Nice story..

  11. Nice one Gaurab! I read the story twice and Liked it every time :) Kudos !


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