Friday, June 6, 2014

When your wife becomes your girlfriend

If you are a engineer by profession and blogging is your passion then you actually live your whole life surrounded by gadgets. I mean not just the gadgets you use but the gadgets you keep in your shelf as show piece, the gadgets you adore and use daily and the gadgets you are in love with which actually goes with you everywhere from bedroom to toilets. 

"Have you married your laptop", If you are a tech freak like me then you must have heard this phase a thousand times from you parents, colleagues or friends. So, for all purposes I consider my laptop as my beloved wife and it totally deserves that tag too.

I sleep with my laptop. When I wake up it is the first thing which I see. I love her more than anything else in this world and she knows everything about me. She knows my favorite songs, my favorite movies, the websites I like and the people I prefer talking to. She even remembers all my password. When I'm out she waits for me in the house and when I return home I could feel how "power less" she feels.

Here comes the girlfriend(s) - You can never trust a man hence you should never leave him alone. If he sees a "beautiful body" and "awesome looks" he straight away gets attracted towards it. If you are going to set him free for more time then he gets the chance to know the "qualities" of the other girls too and if somehow he starts getting comfortable with her then he won't even miss his wife any more. He will be satisfied in spending time with his girlfriend as she will be able to do almost everything what his wife does for him, further she is his companion outside as well. Since the girlfriend spends more time with him outside slowly he starts bringing her to his home as well and no girl likes to share his husband.

If you are still not able to make the connection here then let me make it clear that wife here refers to the laptop which stays at home and is the most important thing in our lives. At the same time "Tabs" or tablets are like our girlfriend which we use only when we our outside. It is mostly a source of our entertainment when we are outside but when we start getting adjusted to it and start doing our official work on it then it becomes an integral part of our life.

Just like a man can't have two women in his life. Similarly he can't have two gadgets for the same purpose. One of the gadget eventually takes priority. Either he stops using tab for official work or tabs becomes his life and he starts using it even in his home. I know the look you are giving me right now...the look with the question that how do I know this. I know this because "All men are the same" :P We all end up doing the same thing. Weird isn't it ?

Dilemma - It's a bigger dilemma to choose between a laptop and tablet than to choose between your wife and your girlfriend.

Here comes "Asus" with the Solution -

How will you react if someone tells you that your loving and caring wife could also be your hip and cool girlfriend. I know your reaction. You would just start jumping in excitement. This new innovation is even better than that. Now your laptop is your tablet and your tablet is your laptop.

In your home you can use it as your laptop with the comfort of keyboard while when outside it becomes extremely portable to use which you can carry anywhere you like.

That's not all my friend. The features that Asus has packed in this "marvel" will make you jump out of your seats again. This new generation ultra cool laptop cum tablet is the Everest among the mountains.

3 P's of  Asus Transformer Book T100 which makes it stand apart 

Performance - The performance is way superior than any other device available in the market. The light and handy experience will make you feel really great. 
Since it uses windows 8.1 hence one can have the best of both worlds,ie., they can use it for work and play equally efficiently.The compatibility is so amazing that all the programs work better than you can imagine.

Power - It is the second "P" which makes the Asus T100 experience stands apart. It has an incredible battery life which will allow you to complete all your tasks on time. With the heat and poor electric supply in most part of the country it is a must for every tech enthusiast.

It is also capable of providing 11 hours of continuous Web browsing experience. What else you can expect for ? Now, you can be online all the time and won't miss a single thing on your social circle. So, keep tweeting and keep posting your updates on Facebook or watch you favorite videos on YouTube. 

Portability - The third "P" takes it miles away from its competitors. I think you may find few devices which can provide you such power and performance but you won't be able to find a single device which could provide such great power and performance with the amazing portability of Asus T100.

It is the perfect book for anyone who is on the go. You get the power and performance of the laptop while travelling i.e., it is deadly combination of laptop and tablet. It will provide the amazing performance like a laptop with the amazing portability of the tablet.

The qualities are not finished yet, the keyboard dock of 19 mm provides a comfortable typing experience which you can't expect in any tablet. Further USB 3.0 super speed Port transfers files with the lightning speed.

One of the most amazing feature is that one can enjoy Microsoft office while he is on the move. Now, you can create you presentation and update your spread sheet eve when you are travelling. You can literally take your work where ever you go. It is a must for every gadget lover.

So, be ready to take your wife with you in your journeys because she has transformed herself. She now has an amazingly beautiful looks which everyone would envy, more power so that she could go with you where ever you want her to go and best in the class portability hence she will adjust from home to travel environment in seconds. 

Gadgets are something which completes my life
Sometimes I love them more than my wife

laptop in home and tablets outside
From this constant change I want respite

Then comes the Asus T100 device
Wonderful design and sleek in size

You can carry it everywhere
But keep it safe from people's stare

It has an incredible 11 hour power
Among all the gadgets it is the tallest tower

Portability is what makes it stand apart
A new tech generation has just got start

You can drool over it's amazing features
Best device for both students and teachers

Carry your world with you always
It is best product is what the world says.

The entry is for the Asus - Time to Transform contest by Indiblogger in association with Asus.


  1. Nicely written and the glint of humour has made it nicer...hope that the judges would find it nicest... :-)

  2. "Have you married your laptop?" he he. Holy true

  3. Hmm... an interesting post Gaurab :) Best of luck! May you win :)

  4. That comparison of wife n gf was delightful :D

  5. My favourite. Awesome post Gaurab. All the best.

  6. Good luck Gaurab, very cute, very true and nice play of words.

  7. I am a engineer by profession and blogger by your passion and totally loved reading this blog :)


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