Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Monumental start to a new era : Zee Zindagi Indiblogger Meet

I actually wrote a poem on the day of the meet so that I could make my contribution to this epic event. Though I wasn't able to share it there but I hope the message of love and unity reaches to as many as possible though this wonderful initiative by Zee and Indiblogger.

Here's my poem "Naya Savera"  which means new morning or new beginnings.

नया सवेरा

नई जगह , नया सवेरा है यह
कुछ अंजना , कुछ  पहचाना सा है यह

लोग बदल से जाते है
पर एह्सास वही रह  जाता है

कुछ अनजाने लोगो में
हमे अपनापन सा मिल जाता  है

यह पेड़-पौधे, नदी समुन्दर
हमेशा प्यार के गीत सुनाते  है

क्या तुम नहीं कर सकते कुछ बाते ?
जो दिलों  को जोड़ कर जाते है

सुबह - सुबह जब चिड़िया गाती है
तो प्यार का सन्देश सुनाती है

इंद्र धनुष के सात रंग भी
मोहब्बत का पैग़ाम दे जाती है

आओ मिल जाये हम साथ
नए दिनों की करें हम बात

चलो मिलाओ हाथो से हाथ
मिलकर झेले हम यह काली रात

फिर नया सवेरा आएगा
प्यार दिलो में लाएगा

साड़ी दुनिया होगी एक साथ
करेगी अमन और शांति की बात !!!

#Extra Special Meet

Every Indimeet is special in it's own way as they always offer you something interesting and unique. Importantly, you always take something home, not just the goodies but the wonderful memories and the wonderful experience of meeting like minded people.

This meet was extra special as it was a platform to spread the word of love and unity across the border on the occasion of the launch of a new channel Zindagi by Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd. My family is already a great fan of shows on Zee TV Jodha Akbar, Sapne Suhane and Qubool hai and I think with this new channel people will definitely get to watch more interesting shows.

#Dream Start to the event

The event was turning out to be a dream for me. I was asked to help the team in the beginning of the event which I really enjoyed but at the same time I understood the fact that how much hard work the Inditeam puts up to make every event a success. Hats off to the team. :))

#Connecting the two cities

The meet was turning out to be really awesome as the bloggers from both the cities Delhi and Mumbai where the meet was taking place was connected through the Video conferencing. It was amazing to see all the bloggers from Mumbai just infront of us. Anoop was hosting the meet at Mumbai and it's always nice to hear is witty jokes but this time Nihal was outstanding as well. He kept the Delhi audience engaged the whole time. :)

Here's the mascot of the meet. Incredible face painting. :)

# Pampering with Gifts

The event started with giving gift coupons to the best tweets and the best posts from both the cities Mumbai and Delhi. Some people got lucky and even won two coupons. Lucky souls. :P  I have promised myself that I will definitely win one of those coupons the next time. ;) lol


After the gifts we started with the fun games and since this time bloggers from two cities were present there couldn't have been a better debate than which is the better city. I think Dilliwallas were undisputed winners in this dabate as some of the funniest and the wittiest answers came from the Delhi side.

The debate actually bought smile to everyone's face. I was even captured showing off my tooth. Natural-but-not-so-much-of-a-beauty. ;) :)

#Meeting the Star : Imran Abbas

when he arrived he was actually wearing shades and I heard a few people shouting why is he wearing shades inside the Hotel and I got the answer when he took off his shades. He is definitely one of the best looking man I have met, almost met as we were just a screen apart. I could understand why the girls went bonkers after that, it was totally justified. That man had the looks. Period.

Though the questions about socio-political situation and what is his take on it must have been a bit irritating to him but he still answered everyone. Many girls were suddenly at the peak of energy which led to raining of compliments on him.

#Meeting the legend : Sultana Siddiqui

Meeting the veteran producer and director who is fondly called as Sultana aapa by everyone was also a great experience.She has a pleasant personality and a positive outlook. She still remains so optimistic about life is such a great thing to see and learn. To one the questions she answers that she hopes to conduct some fashion shows and hopes that even designers from India could join in.

#The Group Picture

Ending the meet with traditional group pictures was the perfect ending to this monumental meet.

Till we meet again... :) 


  1. The show ' Zindagi Gulzar Hain ' happens to be my favourite. Great effort.

  2. क्या तुम नहीं कर सकते कुछ बातें ?
    जो दिलों को जोड़ जाते हैं.
    बहुत खूब ! बहुत अच्छे ! सराहनीय !

  3. क्या तुम नहीं कर सकते कुछ बातें ?
    जो दिलों को जोड़ जाते हैं.
    बहुत खूब ! बहुत अच्छे ! सराहनीय !

  4. Zindagi Gulzar hai........ is a really good daily soap serial in that channel :P
    and between Meet always goes superb :) And it feels amazing to be there with so many fellow bloggers :)

  5. You people have enjoyed a lot... your teeth-showing photograph is quite good... and with Imran Abbas ( he is so handsome , I wish I could be there :-P ) I can see two of my friends..Rekha and Zainab... :-)
    Hope you'll win coupons next time... :-)

  6. Lovely poem, Gaurab.
    Great meet! So wonderful to read about it :)


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