Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Security Guards

Every night when you sleep peacefully there is a person who wakes up the whole night just to keep you and your belongings safe. I think most of don't even pay attention to the hard work they do.

Security guards have a huge task in their hand, they don't just have wake up the whole night but they would have to keep a watch on our properties as well. If there is any thieves or robbers they would have to fight then off as well. Every night there life is at stake but hardly anyone pay attention to that.

People in forces keep us safe from external attacks and they get so much value and respect but these people who keep us safe from the attacks of bad elements of the society hardly get the respect they deserve.

I have this habit if working up late in the night and the only sound which I'm able to hear that time is that our the whistles that our security guards blow after certain interval of time. These whistles are enough to scare off the robbers, thieves and bad elements. This whistle tell them that there is someone who is watching over the people, there is someone who is there to keep the people safe.

We as society as so insensitive towards the people who are actually working the whole night to keep us safe. That not all they even keep their life at stake and don't get anything in return. Isn't it shameful that they don't even have a life insurance that would benefit their family if they end up losing their life while saving us. It's time that all of us have to wake up from our night sleep and face the reality and give the due respect and appreciation to our security guards. A sensitive and organized approach has to be taken to give them the value they deserve.

After working till late night, I sleep comfortably by hearing the assuring sound of their whistle which tells me that, "Sleep well, I'm here to keep you safe."

(This post is dedicated to all the hard working security guards. )

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