Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Principal with Principles

(This post is dedicated to my school principal)

"Why did you choose to study science ?" my principal asked me on the first day of my 11th standard. I was surprised by his question, nobody expects this question from his principal on the very first day. I looked at him and said, "Sir, because I'm interested in science". He with his serious face looked at me for some time and then with a little smile said "Good". 

There were few of my friends who were standing just behind me, they whispered in my ears that I should ask him why he asked me this question. I was a little hesitant but then my inquisitive side got better of my hesitant side and ended up asking him the question.

We all used to value his words a lot as he was a wise man and used to work day and night for his students. After hearing my question, he looked at all of us one by one. I think he was trying to make an eye contact with all of us. Then, with a little sad face he said, "today the world has become materialistic. People do things only for profit even they choose subject which will give them higher returns in long run. They don't study because they like to study but just to become eligible to earn money. This mentality gives me problem. "

After saying this he took a pause. He looked disappointed, I think he might be feeling let down by some students who have impacted his thinking. After the pause he started speaking again. " Suppose today people got to know that learning science won't give you any job but learning how to sweep the floor will then people will stop respecting me and they will start talking to the sweeper. Hope you students are getting the broad point I'm trying to put across".

All of us together replied "Yes, Sir." As he was searching our face for some answer I replied, "I totally get your point Sir, we should study for the love of the subject not for what gains it is going to give us then only we would be able to value our lessons and subjects." After hearing my answer I could see his dejected face getting lighted up with pride. I know he loved his students and his subject a lot and seeing good morals in his students would have definitely made him proud.

He didn't replied anything after that about my answer, he turned his proud face to other side and said "You guys should go to your class now, you shouldn't be late on the first day of your class."

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