Friday, June 20, 2014

What a Taste

I was stranded in the street
With nothing good to eat

I saw a shop on the side
where crowd was really wide

I was curious to know what he was selling
As his business was making a killing

I reached near his shop
Tried to look from people's top

Golgappa was the dish
I wanted one, was my only wish

I did a few acrobatic stunts
and reached to the front

I want to have a plate I said
Give extra paste which looked red

There was six pieces in my plate
Looking at it there was nothing more to state

Garnishing was beautifully done
Eating the first piece was really fun

I was enjoying the sweet and sour taste
and was eating it in a real haste

As the last piece approached, I felt bad
Shopkeeper looked at me and said, why are you so sad ?

Do you want one more plate ?
Yes, yes...don't waste any time mate. ;) :)

I think having the Borosil products will definitely increase the look and value of every house-hold. The products are so well crafted that they give amazingly beautiful look. The range of tumblers, dishes and bowls are such wonderful that it is going to increase the positive ambiance of any house. 

I think everyone wants to have something beautiful in their house which they could show their guests. These products are definitely something which you would like to have as you could easily show it to your guests while serving food. Isn't it serving so many purposes at the same time ? ;) :)

This post is written for Indiblogger contest, Borosil-My beautiful food.

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