Friday, June 20, 2014

Looks beautiful, Tastes good

It's the usual weekend and I was waiting for my breakfast. I took my mother a little more than usual amount of time to prepare the breakfast. As I was eagerly waiting for my food to arrive. I could actually smell my food from the kitchen. Just with the smell I could tell today my mother was cooking something special.

The smell of the food increased my appetite with multiple folds. I have to confess I'm big foodie and my growing belly is a proof of it. I love home cooked food and my mother knows it hence she always prepare something special on my day offs.
She has planned something special for today as well and I was getting the smell as she was cooking.

I was not able to wait anymore, so I thought lets try to guess what are these smells. Actually I'm not that good in the prediction game when I have not eaten anything. So, what I came up was that it was something spicy and maybe there would be multiple dishes as there was so many good smells.

With my patience getting over I shouted, mom have you prepared it. Just the next moment I could see so many things being put on the table. I was delighted to see Dahi Chaat. My mouth started watering just looking at the garnish.

Coriander leaves at the top with  red pepper and black pepper sprinkled around it, the dish was hard to resist. I took a spoon and just tasted the dahi. The taste of chaat was amazing. I could actually get the taste of chaat masala which makes the chaat even more "chatpata" or tastier. 

With the first bite of the chaat I felt that I actually have reached the heaven. I haven't eaten anything like this. It was crunchy and the masala was spicy and sour at the same time, a perfect mix of taste. Yes, the Imli makes the taste even better.
I kept saying to my mother that this was the best dish I have ever eaten but she actually doesn't take this compliments that seriously as she says I always compliment her like that. I think I love the food she cooks.

After completing the plate, I asked for little more and when my stomach didn't allow me have anymore, I looked at my mother and said, "Keep it safe, I'm going to eat some more in the afternoon."

I feel Borosil could really enhance the experience of eating together with family. I think the dishes are so great that food will look even more beautiful while being served. As they say, we first eat our food with our eyes hence to serve the food in beautiful manner is also very important. I have seen the bowls as well which look great. I think if I would have had them for my Dahi Chaat then I would have eaten even more, just joking but I would have definitely taken a little extra. 

This post is written for Indiblogger contest, Borosil - My beautiful food. 

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