Monday, July 7, 2014

A bowl of rice

As Ravi returned home for his school, he was hungry was like any other day. He went to his mother who was one side of their one room house. He asks his mother, "what's there for lunch mother ?"

His mother looks at him and says " I have cooked a tasty bowl of rice for you ?" "Really ?" asks Ravi innocently. Go wash your hands first. He quickly washed his hand and returned.

His mother has has arranged the bowl of rice and a glass of water for him. He looks at them and quickly takes his seat on the floor, close to where his mother was sitting with the food. 

He looked at the food and said it smells wonderful mother. Mother looks at him and says "Yes, it does but thank the lord for the food he has given you first." Ravi closed his eyes and said the prayer which his mother makes him say everyday.

Ravi picked up the bowl, the rice in it looked more like some soup. He ate the first byte and looks at his mother. "It tastes good mother, you have given some salt in it which makes it taste so much better." His mother silently looks at him.

While he was eating, his mother adds some pieces of onion to his meal. Ravi with a smile in his face looks at his mother. As he completes his next byte, he tells his mother " This rice is tasting even better, the onions are crispy and adds a tangy flavor to the whole meal."

Ravi was about the complete his lunch when he suddenly remembers something and looks at his mother with a face full of questions ? where is father today ? and why two of you are not eating with me like always ? His mother looks at his eyes and with a calm face replies " The food was so good that me and your father couldn't control ourself and had our meal just before you returned from school."

Borosil would definitely change the life of many people. I feel their products are not just beautiful but are affordable as well. Hopefully, every house hold will be able to have it and enjoy their food on them. The bowls and dishes are really wonderful in design and will increase the beauty of the kitchen and the food.

This post is written for Indiblogger contest, Borosil - My beautiful food.


  1. A touching story Gaurab... Did parents actually had their lunch???? Sigh! May God bless every family with their daily needs...

    Best wishes for the contest :) TC! Keep smiling :)

    The Arts & Me

  2. All the best for the contest :)
    And parents seriously sacrifice alot :( for us

  3. This post can stand by itself .. even without the contest tag.... touching story and what I liked most is the untold story inside it...

  4. why did u add the last paragraph and ruined a good story?

  5. a touching tale. All the best!

  6. :-/ true...hope every house has atleast a plate full of dal-chawal to fill them up!

    Grt post ! All the best


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