Sunday, July 6, 2014

The big fat burger

The big fat burger in front of me
Ketchup at the top and cheese layers, three

Potato cutlet inside it looks so yummy
Just take a bite, tells my tummy

The middle of the burger looks so green
because it is filled with spinach in between

It has been garnished with some mustard sauce
So that you can eat it like a boss

I took the first bite from one side
It filled my face with joy and pride

It tastes so crunchy from inside 
You can taste the potatoes that are deeply fried

The spinach gives it a healthy touch
My stomach got filled a little too much

Foodies like food but they also like the way it served as it increases the hunger in our stomach. As they say, we eat the food with our eyes first. It just not about the how hungry it make us feel but it is also about hygiene and aesthetics.From the day my mother bought Borosil utensils for our home, we have stopped using our old utensils and the look and the quality of the products are go great that nobody can even think about using any other product in our home. Borosil dishes and bowls makes the food look attractive and is even admired by all the guest who comes to our house.

This post is written for Indiblogger contest - Borosil, My beautiful food.


  1. Poems on food, always turn out to be too good !

  2. interesting... that was really quite different. Keep up the good work !

  3. paen of praise to a burger :)
    Ha ha - stomach got filled a little too much!!!

  4. I am hungry after reading this... Craving for burger :P


  5. Nice one Gaurab, I really admire the creativity to make a poem about the burger and the competition. Very commendable indeed :)..

    All the very best :)

  6. easy and steady went the flow
    now I'm craving for more :)

    nom nom nom.............. yummy burger :)

  7. Haha.. thats also make me hungry.

  8. This made me hungry...yum yum yum..loveddddd it :D

    Best of luck yaar :D

  9. A watering mouth again....but am fasting Gaurab!


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