Saturday, July 5, 2014

Pizza : Mexican Green Wave

I came back home this Friday and realized that there isn't any food at home as my whole family has gone to Jaipur to attend a family function. I was so hungry that it felt like Godzillas were eating my stomach from inside. So, without wasting any time I ordered Mexican Green Wave Pizza.

This is one of my favorite pizzas and within minutes the pizza was delivered to my house. The smell of pizza was attracting me like dogs get attracted to bones.Then I suddenly remembered that my mother has told me not to eat the pizza from the box itself. Hence, I went to the Kitchen and picked the beautiful looking Borosil pizza plates which she specially ordered for me as I have the habit of eating too much pizzas. She said that "Borosil is not only making beautiful utensils but utensils which are in sinc with todays needs. These utensils are the must for every modern home." How can anyone not follow what their mother has said. So, I took the pizza and smoothly put it inside the pizza plate.

As I opened the pizza, I could see the liquid cheese covering the whole base. I felt like galloping the whole pizza at once but it was really hot. The liquid cheese is best when it is hot and hence I thought I have to eat it instantly. I sprinkled the oregano and chilli flakes which made the pizza looked like a beautiful garden with full of flowers as there was red, green and yellow toppings all over the pizza. 

With onions, tomatoes and jalapenos staring at me, I couldn't stop myself from having the first bite. I had my first bite and I could feel crunchy onions in it. Cheese and onion are the best combination you could have. In my next bite I could feel the crisp capsicum and juicy tomatoes and jalapeno. The tomatoes complement the onion and cheese very well and provide you mouth with the sour taste. Eating the jalapeno completes the whole taste with a tangy taste. On one go, I cleaned up the whole pizza and wondered "I think I should have ordered two of them". ;) :)

The post is written for a Indiblogger contest called Borosil - My beautiful food. 


  1. Even I'm big pizza fan :) :D
    Nice write up :)

  2. You had me crave for pizza now! Brilliant description :)

  3. And now i want a slice of the green wave too!!


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