Friday, July 4, 2014

A lot can happen over journey

A lot can happen over a journey. Travelling opens many doors in-front of us. Some people say that travelling is like being born again. You gain new experiences and learn about places, cultures and people.

Interestingly, till now there was no place to share your travel experiences. In social networks it's not easy to post about your journeys. You can post your pictures but you can't actually express your feeling that much.  In blogs you have the freedom to scribble as much as you want but it's hard to find audience to read you heart felt thoughts. bridges this gap. It is a social network for travel enthusiast and  specially for the people who love their cars as the name suggests. The USP of the site is that it actually provides you the blogging space to express all the travel and car experiences and then allow all your friends to view it. The best is that since your profile in is attached to your Facebook profile it becomes really easy for your friends to follow you and read your work at the same time it is benefiting you by spreading your thoughts to your friends and a larger community at CarConnect.

5 reasons why stands out and is extremely useful site for a Car and travel enthusiast.

1. Share Experiences - CarConnect provides you the space for free of cost to share your experiences with the community and with your friends. You have two options of sharing -

a.) Share your Car experiences

b.) Share you long drive experiences

2. Connect with people (having same interest) - CarConnect is  providing you the platform to connect with people having same interest like you. Earlier you didn't know that someone may like you travel story or not but here in this community everyone is a travel enthusiast and love their cars. Isn't it really wonderful to have such a great platform for yourself.

3.Win Gifts - You have a leader board to track who is sharing the most content in the site and it also has a badge system having different badges like - bronze, Silver upto platinum. These 5 levels have diiferent set of benefits and you get gifts when you reach a higher level. Isn't this cool ? Getting gifts for sharing your thoughts.

4. Car News - You always wanted a portal which would be dedicated to cars and would provide you with all the news about the cars. Your wish has come true and you finally have the website which serve you dedicated news related to cars. Just log on to CarConnect and and click on the "car news" tab.

5. New launches - Everyone hates it when a new car gets launched and you have no information about it. Now, you won't be having this trouble. Get all the information about the new car launches under the "new launches" tab. Now you can go to your office and brag about your knowledge about the coolest automobiles that are launched throughout the year. Your ticket to popularity, isn't it ?

So, why are you still waiting ? Go and give it a try and share your awesome experiences with the world and even win cool prizes and make great connections all at the same time.

This post is written for Indiblogger CarConnect contest.

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