Monday, July 7, 2014

The delicious pulao

It was a Sunday and I decided to drop by my cousin's house. She doesn't live far and I drop by her house quite often. These days are special as she is learning to cook and is experimenting the food on us. Being a brother, I have to be a part of whatever experiment she prefers to do.

In this week's menu is Pulao. Though I love pulao but I'm a bit suspicious about how she is going to cook, hence I also took few tablets of acidity with me when I decided to be a part of this roller coaster ride. :P

I took a seat in the dinning table and waited for the food for some time. Suddenly, I started getting some beautiful smell. "Oh, bring it here...I'm starving, I will eat it even if it is uncooked." ;) She bought the pulao in a borosil bowl and served it to me in a borosil dish. There is always a friendly banter that goes between us. I like pulling her legs. By looking at the food I said, "You have arranged it in borosil utensil, it actually looks great." She got a smile in her face. Then I continued "I don't think looks can compensate for the poor taste, you have to learn how to cook" :P  This made her face turned red again. 

As I took the first serving in my plate, I started getting a very wonderful smell. The smell of cardamom's and saffron's. As I started eating I was spellbound with taste. All the ingredients were given in exact amount and it tasted like it something made by a seasoned cook. She was curiously  looking at me. How's the taste she asks. I replied "I will tell it only when I will finish eating". 

As I ate more I could feel the cashews, almonds and walnuts. All of them were perfectly cooked with the pulao and tasted superb. Our pulao has a hint of sweetness in it. Yes, we Bengali's add sweet to everything. I kept on eating it, the rice was perfectly cooked and was crisp in my mouth and ghee was also appropriately given, not more not less. Perfect was the word which will describe the pulao she prepared that day. 

As I finished my first serving, she was still looking at me with that question in her face. I said " I want the second serving and I only after that I will tell you how it tatses." There was big smile in her face and she new that's my way of telling her that the pulao is extremely good.

Borosil made the pulao look even more beautiful. The bowl in which it was kept and the dish in which it was served increased the value of the dish and the food look really beautiful. Borosil has utensil for every day needs for the modern house which makes it really popular among the people. 

The post is written for Indiblogger contest, Borosil - My beautiful food.


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