Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Visiting Cambodia : My bucket list destination

I have this habit of preparing lists, from to-do lists to bucket list. I prepare them all to keep myself focused on my goals and sometimes even my leisure activities.

I started my professional blogging by writing about travel destinations. I used to mostly write about the great places that you can travel in India. My wordpress blog very popular in very short span of time and I got the chance to connect with many fellow travelers.

Important thing about traveling is that, while traveling you just don't get to know other culture and places but sometimes witness great marvels of the world and some really scenic places.So, if you can take good pictures then it's a boon for you as you would be able to capture you the beautiful moments for life.

While reading most of the travel blogs, the one place that fascinated  me was Cambodia because it's scenic places and more importantly for Angkor Wat. At that instant only I decided that it has to be a part of my bucket list. I know that most people have paris, london or south america as there destinations but for me It has to be Cambodia.

Combodia is what attracts the traveler in me with it's beautiful scenic places and also the photographer in me as the history of angkor wat and other places are worth capturing. It has peaceful natural destinations as well where we could relax and enjoy. My interest in history and culture is well known to the people who follow my blog and this would definitely be a very interesting opportunity to know about a place's history.

Historic fact - I think not many of would know that Cambodia culture is hugely influence by the ancient Indian culture. Indian states have played a huge role in creating the Cambodian culture and it would really interesting to find and study the relation between the two cultures.

Dream come true - Traveling to Cambodia

I'm really thankful to Skyscanner for giving me this opportunity to travel to my dream destination. It's a fantastic opportunity for me and I promise to make the full use of it. I think the best part of sending a traveler to such a great place is that he is going to write about this journey around a dozen times in his blog. :P

The planning part  -

Skyscanner gave me 1 lakh to spend and I thought lets make the best use of it. First thing that you want to do when planning a journey is that to book the flight tickets. Hence, I went to their site and filled the details in the home page and bang here was the result.

I was really astonished to see the result. It was showing results from more than 15 websites. With the option to choose best rates and timings suited for our travel. I decided to book the ticket from Malaysia airlines. When I clicked select it took me to their site and made my booking from there. Really simple and easy with the best prices.

The next big thing which we need to book is the hotel and while I was just completing my flight booking. This pop up window opened in front of me which made my work even more simple. I was just a click away from hotel booking.

By clicking on the search hotels, I reached a page which was giving me a list of hotels according to the popularity. I booked the one which I felt was the best it also had the best reviews.

5 star ratings from the user and 74 reviews giving it a score of 9.2 made my choice tilt towards it. I would have to say the pictures of the Hotel was also very helpful while making the choice.

Interestingly, I made a lot of saving at the same time. A whooping 28,792 was saved in the deal I booked from skyscanner.

The last thing was booking a mode of transport to travel the amazing places in Cambodia. I consider myself as a good driver and what better than having a car in your dream destination.

I checked many cars but then I this one actually captured my attention.

Booked the rental for amazing sports car for only 16 k for three days. Wasn't it an amazing deal. I actually fell this will allow me to travel the unknown parts of the city as well.

Where I would visit ?

The most impirtant place that I would like to visit will be Angkor wat. It is such a amazing place. If possible I would like to spend the most of my time there as it is actually really huge and has so much to be explored.

The second picture is the frontal part of the Angkor wat. I would really like to capture this sculptures with my own camera. 

Cambodia also has some great natural heritage which should be explored by the tourist. Hence, I would try to visit these places.In first picture is of Phnom Dângrêk in Northern cambodia .

The second picture is of water fall in Phnom Kulen. I hope to see a few of these natural marvels as well.

This post is a part of Skyscanner travel wizard activity at BlogAdda.com

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  1. Hey I visited Ankhor Wat in 2008. It is amazing and would like to visit again soon. I know you will enjoy it as much as I did ;)


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