Saturday, November 29, 2014

Ab Gaurab Bolega

When our country got independence everyone thought that our country will move towards prosperity and growth as people from our own society will be the leaders and who else can understand us better than leaders from our own society.

In reality, even after 65+ years of independence we are still not able to provide food to poor people in our country. More than half of the country's population don't even get the basic needs like food, water, shelter and clothes for their living. Interestingly, even the people who think they are prosperous don't get amenities like 24 hour supply of electricity and water.

The corruption in every part of our society have hampered our development a lot. We are forced to pay extra for every government work, in newspaper stories can be read where relatives were not allowed to take the dead body of their family members because they were not having enough money to pay the bribe, such inhuman our society have become.

The black money inside our country is another big problem. There are huge number of people who have unaccounted money in their homes. Money for which they hardly pay any taxes. I feel government should make this a criminal offense rather than just an economic offense.

From large real estate firms to the real estate brokers sitting at every corner of our city, each of them are having unaccounted money i.e., money for which they don't pay taxes. It is not just that they don't pay the Income tax but these people even don't pay service tax for the flats they sell or rent.

Have you ever bought or rented a house ? Yes, we all have done it and in today's fast moving world many people have to shift cities or houses very frequently. Since all of us have done it, I would ask you a simple question. How many times have you paid your rent or the brokerage in the form of a cheque, demand draft or bank transfer ? I know the answer, the answer is zero. 

These brokers and real estate people will always take money in cash and will never take money in any form which can be traced to them. People just to have their work done quickly or to pay a little less end up being a part of this whole corrupt system and also become a facilitator of this corruption.

We would have to understand that just talking about the change won't change the world but we would  have to do work to bring the change. I think all the people who are reading this should take a pledge that they won't indulge or facilitate any such financial transaction which will lead towards generation of black money in our country.

I have personally being doing this for some time, at first I had some problems in finding the right properties but then I understood where to look. I try to avoid the local dealers and try to contact the owners/sellers directly. If I'm contacting someone from the online property sites (these sites are really helpful) then this is the one of the first few questions I ask them. This also lets me know that the person is a genuine person and has proper business and accounts in place.

Most important I feel I have worked towards my country by stopping the creation of black money. I know it is just a little amount in comparison to huge amounts that we hear in the news but just imagine if all the people in India start doing this practice then how much money it is going to be. 

The power of Voice to clean India    #AbMontuBolega

Strepsils have brought a very wonderful initiative to raise our voice against all the problems prevalent in our society. The main message behind this movement is that we, the common man of this country would have to raise our voice and we have to be the change that we want to see in this world. The world won't change without us raising our voice. We have been silent for so ling but it has not provided us any divident and our society has gone from bad to worse.

I totally agree with the words said in the campaign that " Don't be a silent spectator" and "Raise you voice for a cleaner India"

"We know that raising our voices against all that is dirty in our country is a power that we all have. Let's exercise the power of our voice & work towards a Swach Bharat."

As the slogan says - Kyuki Bin Bole Ab Nahi Chalega  #AbMontuBolega

I feel really privilege to be a part of such a noble initiative by STREPSILS. You can read more about it at, as well as Strepsils on Facebook and Twitter.

This post is for Indiblogger and strepsils initiative "The power of  Voice to clean" #AbMontuBolega  campaign.


  1. Very valid point, Gaurab!
    Black Money is a menace. Hope we all take steps to clean India...

    1. Thanks for dropping by Anita and yes we all have to take steps to eradicate this menace from the society. :-)

  2. A very sensible post Gaurab, like you said every simple small activity brings within itself a network of mess, the small mistakes we do manifest themselves into a bigger one. It is in this simplicity lies the greatest lesson - charity does begin at home and so does a lifestyle :)

    1. Thanks Vinay for such a wonderful comment and you have very well summed up the whole discussion. :-)

  3. A great post Gaurab ! Vinay's comment has expressed well what I feel so I second that ! :)

    1. Thank you so much for dropping by and your feedback. :-)


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