Sunday, November 23, 2014

Super fun time with rhymes

Childhood is the best time in a person's life. We cherish those memories throughout our lives and if we never want to miss an opportunity to re-live those wonderful memories.

Children rhymes are one the fondest memories we all have. Rhymes are a fun way to teach children about anything. Since it involves really catchy music and fun lyrics, children end up learning them quickly and more importantly then learn them in a fun way.

I always think what's the point of learning if you are not enjoying it. Learning should always be  a fun experience and rhymes are definitely the best examples. In my childhood, my parents made it a point to make me learn as many rhymes as possible and since I enjoyed learning them, my parents bought many cassettes and books of rhymes for me. I used to learn them by heart and used to recite them in-front of family and friends. I used to get a lot of applause and I really used to like them. I feel these small things shape up our life. This habit of memorizing and reciting the rhymes was inculcated in me such good habit that when I grew up I used to remember a lot of poems and took part in many competitions.

Two poems which definitely make me remember my childhood are -

1. Old MacDonald had a farm

From my childhood only I was really find of animals and wanted to have pets. When I used to listen to this song I always used to ask my parents that can I have all these pets in my house. They said you can but you have to grow up first.

I also liked making the different sounds of the animals that time and my parents encouraged me a lot in learning about different animals. Since I was really inquisitive my parents took me to visit farm as well. Some really happy memories. :-)

2. Baa Baa Black Sheep - This nursery rhyme is very close to me as they actually were a old lady in of the lanes close to my house who had sheep. So, my parents used to tell me the story in such a way that this is a real story and the rhyme is made about that old lady and people from my neighborhood only.

The whole experience of going through these rhymes were really refreshing.

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  1. Learning should always be fun, and nursery rhymes made it fun to study. Those happy days of childhood!


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