Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Bring back the touch

It was just like any other morning for Rishabh and vinita. Since both of them work they hardly get time to spend with each other. Even in the mornings both are busy getting ready and preparing themselves for the day's schedule and meetings.

A monotony has come into the lives of them. They never realized it but slowly and steadily it has come into their life. Even after being life partners they stay with each other like total strangers. Their work has become their priority and their relation has become something which both of them know exist but can't experience it.

Rishabh has been suffering from depression for few months now and haven't been able to figure out the reason for this. Vinita is also worried about her anxiety problems. Though they have discussed this many times in the night before sleeping but the discussions haven't been much fruitful.

As they woke up today, there was a certain calmness in Rishabh's movements. He has already thought what he wants to do today. He want a divorce as he feels he is stagnating in this relationship. His relation with Vinita is not going anywhere, they don't love each other the same way which they used to do a few years ago when they actually decided to marry. 

He thinks divorce is the only solution as both of them are suffering in this relationship and this will bring happiness and peace in both of their lives. He saw that Vinita is busy with the same daily rituals which she do before going to the office. Though he doesn't want to tell her this but he feels this is the only way forward, 

Rishabh from his bed looks towards Vinita and says, "hey dear, will you come here from some time." Vinita looked at him with surprised and asked "What happened ? you are alright ?" 

Rishabh again in his low voice says "Please come here" Vinita realized that there is something serious which Rishabh wants to share with her and she came close to her and sat on the bed just next to him.

Rishabh looks towards her and says "You know that both of us are suffering mentally for many months now and even after discussing with each other for so many months, we have hardly find any solution to this problem."

Vinita was surprised for few seconds but then she understood that what Rishabh was telling was actually the right thing. She looked at Rishabh and said "You are telling the right thing, we have tried a lot to make this thing work and I know that we have good feelings for each other but this relation is actually not working for a long time...I think what you are suggesting is right, we should go for divorce"

Rishabh was prepared to tell her about divorce but he never prepared himself to react if Vinita agrees. In a bit of shock, he asks her, "so you think we should part ways, after all this hard work we did we should be separate even when we still like each other"

"That's what you want, isn't it ?" asks Vinita.

Rishabh starts looking down at the floor and suddenly Vinita realises that he has got really emotional. She moved a little closer to him and took his hand in hers and said "look at me Rishabh and tell me what do you want to do"

Rishabh looks at her while holding her hand with his both hands. "I want to live happily with you Vinita and I think more importantly I want to go out for a holiday with you. We will book the tickets on our way and will be enjoying ourself as long as we want."

Vinita with a smile looks towards Rishabh "This is the same Rishabh I knew before marriage, spontaneous and romantic." This brought a smile on Rishabh's face.

"So, how did you changed your mind suddenly" asks Vinita. Rishabh with a big smile in his face, says "Your touch changed it all. When you were holding my hand, I realised that I always want you to hold my hand like this, may be we wanted this touch to bring back the spark in our relation."

Here's is the bring back the touch video  #BringBackTheTouch video 

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  1. Wow! Great story....great narration. Loved it & got emotional :)

  2. So sweet! I wish all couples find a solution to their resentments.

  3. I loved the sweet and romantic. Beautifully written :)


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