Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Rediscover your passion

New year is the time when all of us are filled with enthusiasm and new energy. All of us try making new resolutions and fix new targets. I personally find a new lease of energy during this time. I feel that all the things which we have done before is a thing of past now and we get a new chance with the new year. We can start fresh and begin a new life.

This year my resolution is to give time to my passions. In this fast paced life, we hardly get time to devote to our passions. I have been involved in so much work these days that my passions have taken a back seat. I hardly get time to travel hence my passion of photography has also suffered. I don't even get enough time enjoy movies or listen to music and most importantly my passion for games have suffered a lot.

As I was making my resolutions, I saw the promotional video of the Micromax Canvas Tab P666. As I was watching the video I thought, "can these people read my mind ?" It had features which catered to all my needs. I felt like this tab is made for me only.

The gaming kid in me got really happy as the Micromax Canvas Tab P666 has 1.2 ghz intel atom processor and 1 GB ram. It is having fast and responsive hyper threading technology which made me feel really wonderful as it will allow me to play the most advanced games. 

The movie buff in me got really happy because the tab has 8 inch WXGA IPS display and 800*1200 pixel screen resolution which will allow me to enjoy movies even when I'm travelling. Since I used to miss watching movies as I was always on the move but now because of this tab I will be able to enjoy movies whenever I like.

The photographer in me got super excited as the tab has a 5 MP rear camera and 2 MP front camera. Now, whenever I will travel, I don't have to worry about taking pictures as I can take good quality pictures using my Micromax Canvas Tab P666 only. Not just the normal pictures but I will be able to take really good quality selfies as well because it has 2 MP front camera. 

What's the use of taking pictures if you can't share them but this tab provides 3G connectivity hence we can share as much as we can. Now, I can take pictures or selfies and post them in twitter, Facebook and Instagram instantly. 

A general question which arises in everybody's mind is that, what's the battery back up of this device ? Since it does so many tasks and is also good for multi-tasking  hence it requires a good battery because without good battery back up we cannot enjoy all the features properly. 

My curiosity was satisfied when I saw that it has 4400 mAh battery, 15 hrs talktime, standby time of 325 hours and browsing time of 6 hrs. The long battery will allow anyone to enjoy movies, games or internet for a longer time. 

I felt that this tab is tailor made for all my needs. You can also check it's promotional video and judge for yourself. 

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