Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Shave it or lose it

It was during my final year when we were supposed to sit for a mock interview in our University. This practice drill used to happen every year for the final year students. I was confident that I would score well in this interview as me and my friends used to prepare for them regularly.

On the day of the interview, all of us went to the large hall where many table and chairs were arranged. There were four different panels of teachers sitting for the interview. Students were called randomly and were made to sit for any of panels. There was lots of tension and chaos as nobody new which panel they were going to sit infront.

Finally my name was called and I had to sit in-front of the 3rd panel. It had a faculty from the computer science department who was not much fond of me. After the greetings and general introduction, he started asking me some tough questions. Since I had prepared well for the interview, I answered them very well with a little bit of hiccups.

I think this faculty wasn't much happy when he saw me answer most of questions. He was trying to find a way to put me down and he got that opportunity when he noticed that I have kept a stubble. Looking at my face, he asked, "Why you haven't shave ?" I didn't know what to answer. I said, "I was busy". He wasn't much happy with the answer and said " You should know that grooming is equally important for a job interview as your knowledge". We remained silent for few minutes. Then he said "I would given your full marks for the interview but I think I have to deduct a few now".

Even after answering all the questions I wasn't given the best scores, just because I wasn't clean shaven. This was a great learning experience for me.

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