Saturday, January 24, 2015

Get close this Valentine's day

The history behind Valentine's day is very different than what people celebrate it today for. It has become a "celebration of love" by couples who are in relationship.

People are coming up with more & more innovative ideas every passing year to celebrate Valentine's day and to woo their loved ones.

If I had to propose my crush on Valentine's day then I think I won't leave any stone unturned. I feel to win someone's heart, we should first be able to understand and value their heart. We should know what they like and what they detest. We should know what could make th ecstatic and what could make them feel so touched that they fall for you.

One may ask, how can we know so many things ? The answer is if you love him/her you will figure them out.

Yeh ishq nahi aasan, bas itna samaj lijiye,
Ek aag ka dariya hai, aur doob k jana hai...

So, now you know what will be the first thing which I will do...yes, I will recite a few shayaris and poetries. If I will feel it's not working that well then let me tell you I can sing wonderfully too... ;-)

After wooing her with my artistic or creative side, it's turn to show her that how much I care for her. The best way to do that is to know the small things which she likes or makes her happy.

I think I would present her the flowers which she likes the most, the favorite flowers of my crush are orchids so will try to gift her those and that one gift which makes her happy. The girl I have a crush on love books so it is not that hard to find a gift for her. As I like books too and know which kind of books she likes reading.

After gifts, it is the time for the final showdown. Telling her what I feel...I think if a person is honest with his/ her love then it can be seen in the person's eyes. So, I will look directly into her eyes and will tell her that "I love you"...and "you are the only person I ever loved"..."my days start with your thoughts and nights ends with talking to you..." If words come to you naturally then go ahead and keeping making ger feel loved with your words. If you are not good then do prepare some good lines to impress her and woo her.

If the eye contact is still there then you know you have found your love...move closer and hold her tight and seal your love with a divine kiss.

What you do after that is totally upto you. I think I will definitely go take her to her favorite restaurant and will have all the amazing things she like. After that a long drive will increase the romance to it's peak. The day is dedicated to your love so make you love feel so special that she knows that this is his/her day only.

This blog is written for indiblogger contest.

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