Saturday, January 31, 2015

Pimples : People's worst enemy

Can there be anything worse than pimples ? I don't think so because it actually makes you hide your face from the society. You start avoiding people and sometimes you even stop going out (Little exaggeration).

Though I personally hate them but I thought lets ask some of the people from different spheres of life that what they feel about it and how do they react when they actually experience this "tragedy".

 When I asked author Purba about it,  she had a simple and straight answer, don't go out in the sun, drink lots of water and sleep a lot. It keeps you healthy and gives you a glowing skin. 

No, she don't even want to discuss about pimples at all and want to stay away even from it's discussions. ;-)

When I asked about pimples to Varun, who is a popular Choreographer, I got some really interesting answer.

"Yaar zyaada ghum leta hu isliye ho jate hai" (I travel more that's why it happens to me)

I think when you are travelling in a city like Delhi. It's very normal.

"Kaash helmet pehenta...face kharab toh nahi hota" (If I would have wore a helmet, at least my face would have been saved)

That's true. We all want to save our face and nobody likes pimples in them specially when you are in a profession of performing arts. 

From one performing art to another. When I asked the same question to Vrinda, who is an actor, she very cleverly diverted the direct question but shared a wonderful anecdote -

Once she went out with friends where her friends introduced her to a guy. When she looked at the guy she got really pissed off. Spontaneously, she said "What kind of guy don't even use a face wash before meeting someone...Yuck"

She didn't even stopped at that, she even gave him a hundred rupee note to buy one for himself. :D

When we are taking about artists and pimples, how can we leave behind photographers. People who can capture the minutes details. So, when I asked the same question to Suraj, who is a popular photographer, I got some nice answers.

Dust and soil makes your skin pathetic. Drinking less water is also a big reason but dust and pollution is the prime reason. You get dust every where in Delhi these days. 

Shilpi is a teacher and a born shopoholic, she shops quite a lot. So, when I asked her about pimples she gave some really wonderful answers 

Whenever I eat spicy food, I worry that I will have pimples. Further my mother always tells me wear a scarf whenever I go outside and cover your full face. So, when I have pimples I feel that I should have listened to what my mother always tells me to do.

 Yes, Shilpi mothers know the best.

After all these questions, you would definitely ask me why I have asked this question to so many people. The answer is simple. There is a new solution to all your worries about pimples and skin cleaning. 

You can read more about them here -


  1. Excellent work gaurab mukharjee..Brilliant writing

  2. Wow! That's a very different take! *Clap* *Clap* :D *impressed* ;)

  3. cool idea to get real people to give their views!
    all the best!

  4. Hey, the idea was really nice. An innovative approach to the contest. I liked it. Best of luck for the contest. :)


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