Sunday, February 1, 2015

No Fikar Chat Quikr

The online world is growing at a rapid pace and it has helped many people improve their life. Now, we can do anything with just few clicks. Though E-commerce made rapid progress in India but the 2nd had selling market was lagging behind.

The main reason behind the lagging of classified portals in India was that people were very apprehensive about the type of people they will meet here. People want trust when they want to deal. In business trust is important and this trust issue was missing in these sites.

I think Quikr made a rapid progress with the promotional activities which it did and by connecting with the masses. People should know the name of your brand then only they will recommend it or use it. So, making your brand reach masses is very important.

The new innovation by quikr is brilliant. The chat service has definitely attracted me as well. I am a very big skeptic, I put up lot of questions and always have appetite for more.

3 reasons why I would prefer chat over phone -

1. More questions - As I said I always have lots of questions for people so it will be really easy for me to chat with them. If you have so many questions then people who you are talking to also get bored and sometimes even irritated. So, chat is definitely a better choice any day. Further, chat enables people to ask complex questions like if your buying a bike then you would definitely like to know about the engine and power and other technical stuffs. If one has to ask all these questions to a person in phone then that person won't be able to answer them properly and neither we will be able to grasp them that quickly. So, chat becomes a obvious option.

2. Ask Multiple times - I think it becomes really awkward when you ask a lots of questions about a product you want to buy and then when you put your phone down you remember that there are some questions you actually forgot to ask about.

Further, sometimes there are better deals which are offered by other sellers so if you want to negotiate with a seller then it becomes really irksome to call that person so many times just for some rebate or negotiations.

3. No timing or place constraint - With the chat facility there is no problem of timing and place. You can chat with the person from the comfort of your home or even when you are travelling. Many times while travelling it becomes really hard to take up calls and respond to people.

One more important thing which people like to do is to utilize their unfruitful time by doing these activities. So even when you are travelling or when you are getting bored at relative's marriage, you can still chat and make your time fruitful.

You can go and experience the website yourself as well -

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  1. With so many merits I prefer chat more than phone call. Nicely expressed your point of view. I have nominated you for The versatile blogger award. You can see your nomination at


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