Sunday, February 15, 2015

#UnconditionalLove with Zenfone

As we enter the month of February, we are filled with emotion of love. As on 14th february we celebrate valentine's day and it's not just that, people start celebrating "love" from a week before. The valentine's week is gives the perfect hype to the most awaited day for the lovers around the world.

As we reach this week, many people start thinking about what gift they should give to their valentine. Everybody wants to impress their loved ones with the best gift and want to see happiness in their eyes. During this time, people who are single feel left out and try to find a partner for valentine. If they are not able to find then they pamper themselves with gifts and luxuries and celebrate this festival of love.

I think the most important thing is "love", one should have unconditional love either for their partners or for themselves but the presence of love is the most important thing. The zenfone is the perfect gift to show your love or you can buy it and shower some love on yourself. The 5 reasons why it is the best valentine -

1.Long battery - The battery means you can hear your favorite music for long and even if you keep chatting with your loved ones for hours it won't be having low battery. It has intel atom processor which is really energy efficient.

2. Great performance - It provides great performance. It is powered by intel atom processor with intel hyper threading technology with upto four threads working at once. This is lay man's language means that one can do multiple works simultaneously.The web pages will load fast and one can use multiple apps at once.

3. Enjoy capturing great pictures - One can capture awesome pictures with the zenfone. It has advance 13 MP HD camera which even the high end phones don't have. Further, it has a 6 inch HD display. It means you can also look at your HD images in the same quality as you have taken. In other phones you are not able to see HD images even though you may be able to take HD images through their camera.

4.Dual fun - Dual sim, dual standby. This is a great facility to have. Everyone needs a dual sim phone these days. One for office and one for personal use. It also provide 42 mbps network speeds. You can easily browse net and even work when you are out using this amazing phone.

5. Great accessory -  It comes with interchangeable color case with multiple colors. Who doesn't like having accessories ? If you could change the cases every day according to your mood then it is really amazing. You can use a vibrant yellow or the lovely pink. It also provides protection against bumps and scratches.

What else can you expect from your phone. This is your ultimate companion and this deserves to be your valentine. Even if you already have a valentine then present it to the love of your life and see their happiness when they will see the awesome features of this phone.

You can grab this amazing phone here -

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