Thursday, January 22, 2015

Things that define my mother

The word mother is itself a word of respect for me as for being a mother a person sacrifices lots of things. Their life, their health and their job. I think mother is that one person everybody loves. They have the utmost value in your life. 

The person whom I respect the most in my life is my mother, I can't imagine my life without her. The way she has helped me grow in life has made me all I am today. It was not just about studies but also about the outlook and the confidence she imparted in me. The self belief which I use to get just by seeing her work and giving her 100% every day. 

My mother left her job for taking good care of me. She had a government job but she preferred taking care of me over everything, while I was growing up she got many offers but she refused them all saying if I can't give time to the most important work in my life then no other work is important.

It is beyond a doubt that she was the best mother one can have but this hardly stopped her from pursing her passions.

She was an extremely creative person a she used to draw and sketch whenever she used to get time. Now we have more than 1000's of work of her in our house.

Her creativity didn't stopped to that, she was amazing in creating DIY stuffs for our home. She has created some amazing stuffs which we proudly showcase in every part of our house.

She also mastered knitting and presented each of us with wonderful gifts. I think her sweaters get compliments from each and every relative of ours. 

She has also kept the reader in her alive, she reads everyday, from newspapers to novels.

One of the most important thing that stops me from eating outside is her delicious food. She can so many different varieties of food that if she can write 10 books on them. From dosa to paw bhaji and from rajma to kadi, she cooks the best food in this world. I think the taste in her food comes from the fact that she enjoys cooking. 

I feel it is really hard to limit a creative person with just one label. She has been the best Mother and wife. She is an amazing artist, a  painter, a DIY creator, an avid reader,an outstanding "chef", a knitter but most importantly a wonderful human being who has taught many people how to live their life by being a wonderful example.

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  1. Wow! Such an awesome post. Loved reading about your mother :)

  2. Nice post mate.. Kudos to your mom.. My eyes lit up when you said food :D :D .. He he ;)

  3. Super post. You beautifully penned the multiple facets of her personality. :)

  4. So now we know where you got those creative genes from! ;) Lovely post Gaurab :)


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