Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Story of Great Indian Litterbug

It was a regular Sunday morning, there was hardly any difference in that morning than the fact that people heard Prime Minister sharing his "Mann ki Baat" from the radio. In a neighborhood tea shop, an over enthusiastic crowd of people were really happy hearing their own "Chaiwala" giving speech in the radio. 

"People actually got really connected with the prime minister when he said he was also a "chaiwala" during election campaigns. Though he hadn't shared the magic wand with the people which made him a prime minister from a chaiwala." said one of the people from the crowd. "Yes, he will be sharing that information in that mann ki baat and every chaiwala will ride a helicopter like him" said another person.

The local muncipal leader with a crowd of dozen goons arrived at the tea stall. He's proud of his leader. While spitting his paan on the road he tells the crowd gathered at the tea stall, we should also be part of the this initiative. The goons were quick to understand the words of their master. They assembled the crowd to move to main road of the colony and gave each of them a "Jhadu" or Broom. The leader again spitted his paan on the road and said we must clean this road now and be a part of this initiative.

A person in his low voice with a bit of fear asked "Isn't this broom an election sign of a different political party" but looking at faces of the goons who actually became quiet.

The people started cleaning the road and with an hour the whole road was shining except for the multiple spits from the leader himself. He cant control that, it's involuntary, he has to spit every time he has to speak as his mouth is always filled with paan.

"So, where do we trash this garbage which has been collected ?" asked one of the people who worked really enthusiastically. The leader looked really puzzled. He hadn't even thought about this. With curiosity he starts looking at his goons. One of them who had a functioning mind said "Let us throw it in the next road"...with nobody else giving any other ideas. 

The leader said "Yes, this is the best idea. Collect all the garbage and throw it in the next road." The leader after standing an hour was feeling tired. He walked a few steps away from his goons and signaled them not to follow him. He reached a corner wall and started urinating. He tried to read the letters written in the wall which said "Yaha pesab karna mana hai", but maybe his intellect or the script in the wall has been washed away.

Finally after seeing the garbage being disposed to another road. He decided to thank everyone and spitted for the last time before bidding adieu. 

All the names of the fictional characters have also been hidden for their safety as if they also fear action and a writer can't risk giving away his characters. ;-) 

This post is a sarcastic (Humor, if you can understand it) take on the The Great Indian Litterbug topic and has been written for   -


  1. wonderful it is hilarious and a bitter truth you tell from this post.
    check out my post also

  2. They are the examples of sugar coated bitter pills.... nice post Gaurab :)

    Visit mine

    1. The sad reality presented in a humorous way! Nice piece about a relevant issue.

  3. Very well said Gaurab :) Humorous yet depicting the bitter reality.. good one..

  4. Hello, beautiful people and awesome writers, they say we write to inspire others and for sure you have inspired and motivated me to write some more. Hence, I nominate you for "Very Inspiring Blogger Award" and for more details check this link
    Congratulations :)

  5. Pm me the characters real names, want to slap them hard....

  6. He he he :D .. The great Indian LEADERS and the great Indian paan.

    Funny and provocative.. Thoroughly enjoyed this post mate :)

  7. Very aptly written. The leaders and their paan are legendary stuff. :(
    These people never look beyond that moment. They took up brooms and cleaned the area, now they are champions of Swachh Bharat. It doesn't matter, if the next day they throw garbage on the same road.


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