Sunday, March 15, 2015

Friends stay together

I always keep myself busy with work. Sometimes I end up taking so much of work in hand that I end up feeling pressure of completing them. Work gives me satisfaction and I have molded my life into it. I think there are people who like to be known for the work they do and I am definitely one of them.

In doing so much of work, I sometimes end up forgetting that there are some social responsibilities and obligations which all of us have to take care of. It won't be wrong to say that I am not good in interpersonal relationships. Though I care for my friends but I am unable to devote enough time to them. 

I have developed few coping mechanisms to keep myself organised, motivated and efficient. Maintaining a good efficiency and utilizing your time is important. To do this, I sometimes avoid meeting people when I know it will end up wasting a lot of my time. I close my brains or stop thinking about problems and tell myself that I will think about it when my work is done.

I feel the person who are worth your friendship will always wait for you, your true friends will always stand by you, you closest friend will understand when you are hurt and will care for you more when you are down.

Experience worth sharing 

It was a month ago when me and my friends decided to go to the book fair. Since all of us love books and all of us wanted some change from our daily life, it was the best possible place to go.

It was while strolling through the books that I realized that you need people to tell your stories. If just the books are written and nobody is there to read it then the books will lose it's purpose similarly when you go through life then you need someone to share your life story with.

You just can't share your feelings with anyone because not everyone thinks alike and you need people who in the  same wavelength that you think. You need people who invest their time and energy to think about you and who care for your well being. I feel lucky to find some amazing people who bring so much positive energy into my life and I hope I bring into their life too.

Coming back to the day, since books are available really cheap at online stores and we have a huge collection still pending to be read, all of us bought at-least one book for ourselves.

We spent a lot of time sitting and talking, first at the food court and then in the ground beside an artificial pond. We needed this time to share our thoughts, more than that we needed time to feel togetherness. I think that day motivated me and filled me with lots of positive energy to keep on moving ahead in my life.

This second picture is taken by me, this information is worth sharing because this was the first day I took my new DSLR camera out for photography thanks for the persistent nagging by my friends. 

I took pictures of Suraj, Nancy and Priyanka but I met another friend of mine who became center of attraction within seconds. I think everyone will like to see his picture. 

In the company of the most wonderful friends, you understand a very important fact of life that "we are together in this journey".

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  1. we are together and we will always stay together for the rest of our lives..lucky to have a friend and human being like you..truly blessed..

  2. Congratulations on your 100th post. Here is to many more ... and friendship.

    1. Thanks a lot. :-) Hope to spirit of writing and sharing stays there and cheers to friendship. :-) :D

  3. Congratulations for your 100th post!

    Lucky are those who have real friends in their life :)

  4. Congratulations for your 100th post!

    Lucky are those who have real friends in their life :)

  5. Congrats on the milestone... All the best for many many more.
    - Heena,

  6. Friends make life worth living.Congrats on your hundredth posts. All the best for many more.

  7. This is a beautiful heartwarming post, Gaurab. And congrats for your 100th post. Keep smiling and writing :D

  8. Congratulations on your 100th post. Friends are so important, the good ones will be around forever ;) Best Wishes to you and your friends Gaurab :)

  9. Hearty congratulations on achieving the milestone! Way to go :) Cheers

    --> Maitreni Mishra


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