Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Starting a new life

When I look back at my life, I see so many hurdles and hardships that I went through to reach the position where I am today. I would lie if I would tell that I passed those problems easily. Some moments were so hard and tested me so bad that I thought about quitting everything. It is tough for me to choose any one of these instances because all the moments make me the person who I am, if you take away any one moment like this, I don't think I will be the same person.

If I try to see the positive side then I see that none of them were able to break me down. Every time I experienced a set back, I emerged as a stronger person. As I grew up, I understood it's not just about being stronger but also about being sensible and realistic in your approach. I learned that you have to choose your fights and wait for your time. I learned that it not about how much you can sustain but how much you can actually attain. Life is a long journey and you got to learn something everyday to move forward. The point at which your learning ends is also the time at which your life ends.

During 2012, I faced one of the toughest time in my life. I was about to pass my Engineering degree and I had left my job at one of the top IT firm to go for my own entrepreneurial venture. At that point I thought, it was a right decision as I had limited information about the market and the world outside. With good grades and heading all the societies and fests I thought I was well equipped to handle a start up. 

Time is a good teacher and the things didn't worked out that well, my friend who was integral part of this project decided to leave the venture mid way and fly to UK. I still continued but the work pressure doubled after he left. The project wasn't a success.

After that I went through a horrific time explaining people what I was doing and what I did wrong. My relatives were quick to pass a judgement that because of my ego I have spoiled my own career. I should have taken the IT job which I was offered. 

After all the psychological tension, I went through a bigger problem when I met with an accident and couldn't walk for almost 3 months. During this time I was totally lost. I was a socially unfit, having psychological problem and now physical problem too. Don't forget that after the project, my financial situation suffered too. This was the worst phase in my life.

I had to motivate myself everyday to move past this, I used to watch inspiration videos to keep myself sane. Started doing meditation and slowly started working. I planned a lot about how can I come back in my life. I joined a job and started studying as well. In these years, I have improved my life in all the aspects. I think, a lit bit of improvement in fitness is still required. This phase of my life is definitely a new life and a beginning. 

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