Sunday, March 29, 2015

India’s Digital Superstar

Digital space is booming like no other medium these days. There are millions of content that are uploaded to the digital space every single day. There are bloggers like me who post creative and informative content for their readers, there are reviewers who post review about everything from songs to movies and from mobile phones to Computer games. There are also video bloggers or Vloggers who continuously post their videos to entertain people. AIB are a group of bloggers who made it big showing their unconventional videos.

Digital space is creating a new superstar every day. There are many singers, dancers, writers or even designers who get limelight just because of their presence/content in the digital space. This whole digital space is growing and till now there hasn't been any talent hunt to capture these amazing talents that are available in this medium.

India's Digital Superstar is the biggest digital talent hunt in the world. It has been launched by Fremantle Media, which has also produced Indian Idol and India's Got Talent. The channel has received more than a million views in less than a month and the views are growing each day.

This is first of its kind Digital talent hunt where the audience will be judging the next BIG DIGITAL STAR across a span of 14 weeks. The talent hunt has mentors like Sunny Leone, Anu Malik, Vishal Dadlani, Salim Merchant , Jazzy B, Andy , Raftaar and Anubhav Sinha on board.

The show has already received 1400+ entries within the month and continues to invite entries across all demographics and talent genres. The winner will be given a contract worth Rs. 20 Lakhs from FremantleMedia and One Digital. The auditions are open to all Indians across the globe.

Auditions will span 13 weeks and the competition never stops. The 14th week is the grand finale which will be held in Mumbai. The more the merrier is the concept. Participants are encouraged to upload as many videos as they like and they will be judged by the audience directly through the number of views and likes across Youtube, ZengaTV and Facebook. It is not just about talent but also about reaching out to your audience and connecting with them. If you have a talent and always wanted a platform then this is your turn. Go ahead and participate in this amazing talent show.

You can find more information in the official Channel - ZengaTv

I went through the videos and found some really great talents. There are also celebrity episode videos in which the celebrities discuss the videos submitted by the participants. These celebrity videos are really interesting. I am sharing the video in which Shraddha Sharma is there as a guest celebrity. I thought about sharing this one because Sharddha herself is a star born from the digital media. She got famous by uploading her videos on YouTube.

There are some really popular videos by the participants. I am sharing some of the popular videos which has got huge number of views from the audience.

As the digital medium stands for it's not just about what you are sharing but also about reaching out and promoting your work. Ami je Tomar video is the most watched video among all the entries.

As I was browsing through the videos I also found the video of Akash and Sonali, India's got talent fame. This is without question the best dance performance uploaded according to me.

I feel this is one the golden opportunities for the people with talent. If you have any talent and always needed a platform to share then is the right time and place to share it. So, don't waste any more time and register yourself in the official websites - ZengaTV and IndiasDigitalSuperstar

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